Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin Adds Asbestos Testing to Services Provided and Redesigns Website

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin, a company based in Austin, TX, that came to be known for its popcorn ceiling removal services, has announced that they have added asbestos testing to their list of services offered and they have recently redesigned their website. For asbestos testing, a surveyor will visit the home or building and gather samples from the suspected material. These samples are brought to the laboratory and examined under separate specialist microscopes to find out if asbestos is in the material and determine the asbestos types found in the material. Meanwhile, they have redesigned their site to include the additional service and to make it easier for visitors to use the website.

Asbestos testing is distinct from asbestos surveying because it is focused ore on the results with a certificate that either confirms or denies the presence of asbestos through microscopy analysis. On the other hand, asbestos surveying includes interpretation of the results and provides suggestions. Each sample is sent to an accredited lab for testing and the results are usually available within 48 hours, indicating negative or positive results as to the presence of asbestos and the particular asbestos type if present. Typically, asbestos testing is done during those situations where a full asbestos surveying has been determined to be unnecessary, such as when there are issues with just a small area rather than the whole building and samples are obtained from a discreet segment to minimize aesthetic damage.

In relation to asbestos testing, Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin can also provide professional asbestos removal services in Austin and neighboring areas. In old buildings, it is common to find asbestos because it was previously used as a flame retardant and it has been sprayed on various parts of the home like the drywall, ceilings, and even floor tiles. It was not previously known that asbestos may cause mesothelioma, which is a kind of cancer. Today, it is regarded as a deadly material, particularly when it is inhaled. And asbestos removal work also involves repair work because removing the material with asbestos will leave holes in the drywall, ceiling, and more.

The primary service offered by Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin is the removal of popcorn ceilings. An old popcorn ceiling tends to reduce the value of the home and it is also possible that it may contain asbestos. Aside from removing the outdated popcorn ceiling material, they will apply a modern and stylish textured finish.

The high quality of the services they provide, meanwhile, is attested to by the highly positive reviews they have been receiving from some of their past clients. For instance, Arthur V. gave them five stars and said, “Very responsive and professional communication. Arrived on time and went right to work! Performed work with care and still got the job done quickly. Were also affordable and easy to work with. Highly recommend!”

In another five-star review, Jordan R. said, “Responsive to needs on job process and also provides great value and knowledge by communicating and showing the right information to create you your masterpiece! Will highly be recommending his services to family & friends! Thanks again for all the hard work.”

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin also provides professional drywall repair services in Austin. This means they will not just simply patch that hole in the wall or ceiling but also carefully provide any of the textures that are found in the home or building. And, of course, they can also provide drywall installation for homes that require new walls.

And to complete their services to help renovate the interior of a home, they also offer professional wallpaper removal services and interior painting services. DIY wallpaper removal is possible but it is actually difficult and can result into a big mess and cause a lot of headaches for the homeowner. Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin can do it faster and more easily because they have the proper tools for it.

Those who are interested in learning more about the various services provided by Popcorn Ceiling Removal Austin may want to check out their website at http://popcornceilingremovalaustin.com/, or contact them on the telephone. They are open from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.


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