Pool Cue Guide Helps Community Find Best Cheap Pool Cues

Chicago, Illinois-based Pool Cue Guide recently published a blog post in which they explore the best options for people looking for affordable but quality pool cues. The website is managed by a group of pool, billiard and snooker lovers who try to share their knowledge about the sport for both newcomers and veteran enthusiasts.

Martin Brauser, a representative for Pool Cue Guide, says, “There are a lot of people interested in getting into the sport but don’t quite know where to start. When you consider that there are so many different types and brands of pool cues, it can be a little overwhelming to decide on which one to buy for yourself. This is why, at Pool Cue Guide, we always strive to review the latest and greatest of pool cues to narrow down the selection for you and make things easier.”

In the guide they shared, the number 5 spot is occupied by the Iszy Billiards Canadian Maple Pool Cue, which the website has chosen not only for its features but also because of the fact that it has a budget-friendly price tag. The 58-inch pool cue is a recent model and is made out of tough and rugged Canadian maple, making it a very solid choice for newcomers, and it sells for a rather moderate price. With an elegant black and red paint finish on the handle, the pool cue also affords a sense of style. However, it does have a simple design that may not appeal to more advanced players.

Number 4 on the website’s list is the Viper Junior 48” Pool Cue. Manufactured by GLD Products, a world-renowned producer of leisure sport equipment for games like darts, foosball and pool, the Viper Junior pool cue is a simple yet finely-designed two-piece model. Made of tough Canadian maple and fitted with lightweight ABS joints, the pool cue can be easily put together. However, the Asian-inspired dragon visuals may be a bit off putting for those who want simple, refined elegance in their pool cues.

The number 3 spot is dedicated to the Cuetec Prestige Series Pool Cue. Boasting a large variety of different pieces of billiard equipment, the Cuetec company is a force to be reckoned with in the competitive world of pool. The company’s Prestige Pool Cue is a simple yet well-built piece of gear that can help newcomers to the game get better. Its patented design has a power-bonded shaft and a multi-layered tip, ensuring all a player’s shots will go down in a straightforward fashion. On the downside, the color is a bit off in a few spots with some of the replicas.

Pool Cue Guide’s number 2 pick is the Imperial Premier Cyclone Pool Cue, which they claim has the best value. With over 60 years of experience, Imperial International seeks to win over new audiences with its innovative designs, and the Premier Cyclone 2 is a simple and affordable rookie-friendly pool cue that is the perfect fit for anyone who would like to learn the ropes of this leisurely sport. This cue is also a two-piece model, allowing easy transportation. While the Canadian maple base of the pool cue makes it quite reliable, it is not the best option for anyone who considers themselves an advanced player of the game.

The Players Classic Series Pool Cue is Pool Cue Guides number 1 pool cue because it provides a good array of features with an affordable price. Manufactured and distributed by the mostly online Seyberts.com, the Players C-960 model is a solid choice that comes with some pretty impressive features, such as a double-breasted Irish wrap. The cue itself is made of tough American maple and is capable of enduring some serious abuse. However, the website does note that the bottom part can sometimes come undone after prolonged use. Those who want to read more about these pool cues can find the full article at the following link: https://poolcueguide.com/best-pool-cue-reviews-2017-how-to-choose-the-best-pool-cue/.

Similarly, those who want to learn more about the game of pool and its equipment (or are looking to buy a new pool cue) can visit Pool Cue Guide’s website to get started. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Martin Brauser directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Pool Cue Guide maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and hold discussions with their community.


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