Podiatrist Practice with Offices in Pennsylvania ProPodiatrist Practice with Offices in Pennsylvania Provides New Warts (Planters Wart) Treatment

PA Foot & Ankle Associates, a podiatry practice with several offices in Pennsylvania, is pleased to announce the availability of the new Saorsa wart removal system. The Saorsa Swift System is a device that generates microwaves and can be used for microwave therapy for skin lesions and warts, especially the plantar warts that are found on the heels and other parts of the feet that bear weight. Plantar warts are also caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), just like other warts. However, they can be painful because of the weight that is exerted on the feet.

The Swift System is an advanced wart removal technology, which has already been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), It has been observed to be highly effective in getting rid of plantar warts by delivering a low dose microwave energy through a specialized probe for the purpose of stimulating a natural immune response against the HPV virus. More about the Saorsa Swift System can be gleaned at the PA Foot & Ankle Associates website at https://www.pafootdoctors.com/.

The Swift System has a much higher efficacy compared to other wart treatment methods because it uses the power of the patient’s immune system to attack the HPV virus, which is the root cause of the problem. With regards to pain or discomfort for the patient, most patients feel a certain level of discomfort as the temperature of the infected tissue rises drastically during the two second dose of microwave energy. But the pain immediately subsides once the energy delivery is stopped. There is minimal post procedural pain and all patients have been able to resume their daily chores right after treatment.

Between three and four treatment sessions are needed when using the Swift System. These sessions have to be four weeks apart in order to align with the body’s natural immune cycle. Each treatment session is 5 to 10 minutes long. Plus there will only be a little debridement, and no breaking of the skin nor will bandages be needed. The pain felt by the patient would be variable and specific to the patient and the kind of lesion.

The podiatrists at PA Foot & Ankle Associates want to advise those who suspect they have a plantar wart and want to have it eliminated to pay a visit to the clinic because the longer the treatment is delayed, the more likely the wart will persist. Some of the usual symptoms to be on the look out for are: presence of pain when compressing the sides of the wart; presence of a circular flat spot on the skin with a depressed area in the middle; feeling of “painful pebbles” in the shoes; the lesion on the foot is painful, bleeding, and has changed in color; treatments tried have not worked and the wart has reoccurred or even multiplied; yellowed appearance with a crust and the presence of small black dots; unsure if the lesion is a wart of not; and poor sensation on the feet. To know more about the practice, people can check out their Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/pafootandankle?_rdc=1&_rdr.

Founded in 2013, PA Foot & Ankle Associates offers innovative, compassionate, and advanced foot and ankle care for residents Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas. Their podiatrists educate their patients regarding the most up-to-date information regarding their foot and ankle condition so that together they can decide on an effective treatment strategy with the best quality of care. They have five offices in Pennsylvania: two offices in Allentown, one in Easton, one in Northampton, and one in Lansford. Their podiatric physicians, Dr. Adam Teichman, Dr. Elliot Busch Dr. Thomas Rocchio, and Dr. Simon G Tabchi are all board qualified and/or certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgeons. They regularly attend various training seminars throughout the year to keep themselves informed of the latest technology and they provide lectures to fellow physicians, nationally and internationally, with regards to their specific areas of expertise.

One patient had said, “Dr. A.T. is second to none. His attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile for his patient is obvious. However, he is a Giants fan.”

Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by PA Foot & Ankle Associates can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. People can also know more about the practice by visiting their Twitter page at https://twitter.com/EastPennFoot.


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