Podiatrist in Chico CA Offers New Warts (Plantars) Treatment

Chico Podiatry Group, a podiatric practice in Chico, CA, is pleased to announce a new and effective treatment for getting rid of plantar warts and other kinds of surface based lesions on the skin. Dr. Michael WIlson, DPM, one of the podiatrists at the practice wants to point out that the Saorsa Swift microwave therapy represents a new technology for eliminating plantar warts and other similar types of skin lesions. Plantar warts are typically painful because they are located on the heels and they are often subjected to pressure, which causes pain and discomfort that hampers the affected person in performing daily activities.

Just like the typical warts, plantar warts are due to the human papillomavirus (HPV). They are hard to treat effectively from the surface because they have finger-like roots. This is why the Swift device delivers a low dose microwave energy that can easily penetrate the skin and reach the roots. Although a little of pain or discomfort can be felt during the treatment sessions due to the rapid heating of the infected tissues, the pain or discomfort very soon disappears once the the energy delivery is stopped. And all patients have been able to go back to their daily activities right after the treatment session.

Swift Microwave Therapy for Plantar Wart Treatment

The low dose microwave energy that is generated by compact generator in the Swift microwave therapy device is delivered to the targeted area via a specialized probe that targets the roots of the plantar wart by stimulating the body’s natural immune response to destroy the virus. Between three and four treatment sessions will be needed to complete the treatment and each session will be four weeks apart in order to align with the natural immune cycle of the body. Each treatment session will only last for 5 to 10 minutes. Another advantage of the Swift therapy treatment process is that there will be minimal debridement and neither will there be a breaking of the skin nor the need for bandages.

The Swift generator has been provided with a simple user interface, which means the treatment is easy and quick to set up. It is one of the first energy based systems to be really portable, having a weight of only 4.5 kg and providing practitioners with even more flexibility. The device is also provided with a safety measure to prevent cross contamination in that it has an in-built sensor that will allow the device to operate when a new and unused tip is attached to the probe or applicator.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that microwaves are considered to be safe as they have been in clinical use for more than 30 years. And they are a type of non-ionizing radiation, which means that they can’t cause any damage to the DNA. Furthermore, very low energy microwave levels are used, which are sufficient to agitate the water molecules, with less energy delivered to the skin compared to most laser and electrocautery treatments.

The Chico Podiatry Group would like to advise patients to come in for a consultation if they feel or believe they have a plantar wart and want to have it removed. There are several common symptoms to look out for, such as: the feeling of “painful pebbles” in one’s shoes; warts appearing “yellowed” with a crust; pain felt when the sides of the wart are pressed; a lesion on one’s foot that has changed color or is painful and bleeding; the presence of small black dots; re-occurrence and multiplication of the wart after trying some treatments; the presence of circular flat spot on the skin with a depressed portion in the middle; poor sensation on the feet; not sure if the lesion is a wart; the presence of small black dots; and discomfort that prevents the performance of regular activities.

Chico Podiatry Group is a Medicare enrolled podiatric care provider in Chico, CA and surrounding areas, which means they can accept Medicare insurance and may prescribe Medicare Part B medication.

Those who are interested in learning more about the podiatric care services available through the Chico Podiatry Group can contact them on the phone or through email, or they can visit their Facebook page at https://web.facebook.com/chicopodiatrygroup/?_rdc=1&_rdr. They are open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Thursday, and from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Fridays.


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