Plumbing Site Offers Tips To Unclog A Bathtub In Lake Oswego

A Lake Oswego plumbing company named My Plumbing Lake Oswego, recently made a blog post giving their readers a few tips on how to unclog their bathroom tub or even maybe a clogged toilet. Their opening paragraph read, “There are plenty of tips on how to plug a troublesome bath drain in the bathroom and rid the home of harmful stagnant water, but there are no practical solutions that prevent people from having to call a plumber to keep the tub unclogged.” These practical solutions that the paragraph cited are simple steps that anyone can do at home. Many of these practical solutions are temporary solutions at best. For most serious clogs, serious equipment and knowledge are needed to fix the problem and most people just don’t have that. That’s why professional plumbing services are there to help.

For most sink, bathtub and toilet clogs, the site gave these 4 steps as general DIY fixes, “Use a plumber snake to overflow the bath, drain stagnant water, dive thoroughly and remove any clogging and, use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner with a filter to get all the gunk out.” The article also said this if those 4 steps didn’t work: “If the dip doesn’t work, try vinegar or baking soda, or if boiling water and a flask do not work, try a drain snake. Also, the snake could be bought at the hardware store, but if people choose a specific tool to unclog a drain gutter, they should buy one that is designed for the type of pipe or drain system in their bathtub. Local hardware stores will also most likely have a chemical drain cleaner that people can buy and use to “burn” their drain.”

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For more heavy-duty clogs, if the clog is caused by something that can’t be dissolved like hair or maybe some tissue paper, then My Plumbing Lake Oswego recommends that people use a drain snake. “In some cases, a drain snake can be inserted into the tub drain directly, but it is better to pass through the overflow. If people use a commercial chemical that is dumped down the drain, they can then use a piston or snake to “drain” it. Drain snakes can also be used to unclog a toilet, using the same method used to unclog a drain.”

Furthermore, the site remarked that “There is no quick, universal solution to unclog a hair-clogged drain, but there are a few more solutions that people can use. If people are looking for a way to block the shower or tub drain without damaging the pipe, there are a few tips that they can use including trying pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This will help dissolve any gunk that may have been trapped with the hair so it can come loose. The next technique to try is to pour boiling water down the drain in a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, then add a little vinegar and water at the end to finish the job. If the tub is still clogged, pour a fourth of a cup of baking powder down the drain and then add half a cup of vinegar for a few minutes.”

If none of the tips provided above work, then the only available option left is to contact a professional plumbing service. They will most likely have to pump the contents of the clogged drain using a specialty pump to remove the clog. The best way to unclog a tub will actually be to avoid the clgo in the first place. The site urges readers to avoid throwing hair, tissue paper, feminine products and other non-degradable items down the drain to avoid clogging the drains in the first place.


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