Plumbing Company In Arcadia Florida Completes Successful First Year After Merger with Armstrong Bros Plumbing

Armstrong Bros Plumbing, a plumbing company based in Palmetto, FL, is happy to announce that the Desoto County plumbing company they have acquired a year before has completed a successful year since the merger. Desoto Plumbing had been providing plumbing services to businesses and homeowners in Arcadia, FL, and currently Armstrong Bros is fulfilling and providing the same quality and professional plumbing services to Desoto Plumbing’s customer base.

Joe DeLauder, President of Armstrong Bros Plumbing, says, “Through our recent merge, we can provide a higher level of service for all of our Desoto Plumbing customers. Specializing in residential plumbing and commercial plumbing for the Sarasota, FL area; we solve your problems promptly both day and night. After more than 20 years of servicing Sarasota, Manatee and Desoto County’s plumbing needs, we’re proud to say Desoto Plumbing is at your service day or night. We have experienced technicians on-call 24/7 because no one decides when they have a plumbing problem. From routine maintenance to burst pipes, we’re here to help. Let us show you how we can replace your old pipes with state of the art pipe liners or recoating.”

With the merger, Armstrong Bros Plumbing had acquired a Desoto County location through which they are offering various residential and commercial plumbing services. For residential properties, they provide services for: dishwasher installation; clogged drains; hot water heater repair; garbage disposal installation; kitchen sink faucets; hydrojetting; pipe lining / pipe coating; leak detection; sewer line replacement and repair; toilet repair; whole house repiping; and whole house water filters. For commercial buildings, they offer services for: commercial water heaters; backed up drains; flush valves for toilets; faucet repair and installation; pipe lining / pipe coating; high pressure water jetting; urinal repair and installation; sewer line repair or replacement; and video camera inspections. To know more about the Armstrong Bros Plumbing, people can visit their Facebook page at

One of their residential services is backflow testing and recertification. A “backflow” happens when potable water reverses direction and results in a suction that pulls in dirty water into the water supply system. The dirty water can contain contaminants and harmful substances, which is why plumbing codes mandate the installation of backflow prevention devices in some residential buildings and in most commercial buildings whenever there is the possibility of a backflow occurring.

Another important residential service they can provide is clogged drain cleaning. Their drain cleaning services include sewer drains, floor drains, storm drains, kitchen and bath drains, and more. They have been utilizing drain cleaning machines with cables to clean piping systems for many years.

They can also provide garbage disposal service and installation. These services include: residential garbage disposal installation; garbage disposal repair; clearing of clogged garbage disposals; and commercial garbage disposal services.

Armstrong Bros also offers residential plumbing excavation services for underground pipes. These services can be subdivided into: sewer pipe replacement; sewer line repairs; water supply pipes replacement; water supply pipes repair; tractor and backhoe services; storm drainage and roof drains replacement or repair; parking lot or garage drainage maintenance; culvert repair, replacement and maintenance; inside sewer pipe replacement and repair; and sewer line repairs.

Hydro jet drain cleaning is also an important service provided. By using hydro jetting, they can restore 4” or 6” clogged pipes back to their original diameter. Hydro jetting can get rid of grease, scale buildup, or root intrusion.

Established in 1911, Armstrong Bros Plumbing has been providing commercial plumbing and residential plumbing services in Southwest Florida. They have the parts, staffing, and inventory on hand to handle any plumbing issues that homes or businesses may encounter. They want to point out that they have kept up with the changes in technology during the last 100 years and have evolved with the resources and technology that became available for tackling any plumbing issue.

Those who are interested in learning more about Armstrong Bros Plumbing and their plumbing services in Arcadia, FL can check out their website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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