Plastic Rebar Chairs Supplier Updates Website

Inland Concrete Products, a company based in Fontana, CA, offering plastic rebar chairs and other similar products for the concrete construction industry nationwide, has announced that they have recently updated their website. The purpose for the update was to allow the site to reflect the various product categories and to offer better navigation for users to view the products. A complete product list can also be downloaded from the site.

The “high chairs” offered by the company have recently expanded their product height range from 3” to 14”. For those with heights ranging from 3” to 10.25”, each chair has two cover heights. And for those with heights above 10.25”, each chair has a single cover height. These chairs have been designed to be extremely strong and also capable of straddling a lower rebar mat. These chairs have been provided with a wide and stable base with a footprint intended to work well with various architectural applications while being capable of carrying extremely heavy loads and provide protection for wood forms.

plastic rebar support High Chairs

These chairs have been provided with Inland Concrete Products’ innovative “Z” top, which offers maximum strength and ease of use. This Z-top also offers ease of access when tying to rebar. It has a huge spacing between the legs to allow maximum concrete flow and consolidation, and big easy-to-read height markers. These chairs are applicable for double rebar mats, thick slabs, and heavy loads.

Aside from the plastic chairs, Inland Concrete Products also offers a wide range of plastic spacers and other concrete accessories. These include on-grade square chairs, tilt chairs, and locking wheels.

The on-grade concrete chairs range in height from 1.5” to 6.25”. They are also provided with a wide and stable base and there is a large spacing between the legs to allow easy tying to rebar and for maximum concrete flow and consolidation. It will also allow the provision of easy-to-read height markers.

The tilt chairs range in height from 0.75” to 6”. Each chair usually has one cover height but for heights over 3”, there are two cover heights for each chair, to save time and space. These chairs also have a wide and stable base with a footprint that is expected to work well with various architectural applications, while protecting wood forms and having the capacity to carry loads. They have also been provided with a big spacing between the legs, allowing for easy tying to rebars, easy-to-read height markers, and optimum concrete flow and consolidation.

Inland Concrete Products also offers a 3” locking wheel that can be used for a broad range of typical bar sizes, offering secure installation and ease of use. This locking wheel can be attached securely and is assured to be in the right place when concrete is poured, whether it is used for spacing a caisson in a bridge structure or rebar in a precast facility. Also, its improved zip tie design allows easy installation of the wheels and ensures that it will stay in place once installed.

Inland Concrete Products also offers various concrete accessory products. These include the slab bolster, sand plate, and form spreaders. The slab bolster ranges in height from 0.75” to 3” in height and it has been designed to provide strength and stability while working well in various architectural applications. Meanwhile, the sand plate has been designed to work well with the chairs, being easy to attach securely to the chairs and offers a large and stable base to allow correct chair and rebar placement. The form spreaders are commonly used by general contractors in bridge decks and other concrete forming tasks. They are available in longer sizes, such as 24” or 48”, and depending on the length, they can be reinforced with rebar.

Those who are interested in plastic rebar support products like the “high chairs” from Inland Concrete Products may want to check out their newly updated website, or contact them through the telephone, or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific, from Monday to Friday. They maintain large inventory of all products and ship nationwide.


For more information about Inland Concrete Products, contact the company here:

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