Plano Fire Chief Hospitalized With COVID - 19

The Plano Chief of Fire Department was recently hospitalized with COVID-19. As a result, the Plano community is filled with concern for his well being and hopes he will make a swift and total recovery. Chief Sam Greif is a valued member of the community and has been urging people to get vaccinated ever since the vaccine became available. He has also been warning the people of Plano of the dangers of the virus.

The fire chief has no underlying medical conditions and was taking all the precautions necessary to avoid catching the virus. He still got very ill very fast and was hospitalized on January 3. He says he can hear the other COVID-19 patients in the hospital and has stated that the virus is a very serious threat. Chief Greif recently lost two friends to the virus, and has stated that the side effects of the vaccine are minimal compared to what the disease can do to its victims.

“When offered the vaccine, I beg you to take the vaccine,” says Greif. “Don’t get caught up in the ‘They rushed it to market, I don’t know what’s in it.’ It’s 95% effective.” He is getting the best care Plano has to offer and is hooked up to a special breathing machine. He is also reported to be on a variety of medicinal cocktails. Everyone in Plano hopes he recovers soon and that the disease does not leave him with any lasting effects.

Locals and local businesses are showing support on social media and in private blogs. For example, Bobby Jivnani Plano Dental, a local dental provider has even helped spread the news about the Chief by sharing a post about it on their blog. “Chief Greif is a friend to this community,” says the post. “We hope he recovers soon and would like to let his family know that the community is right behind them in these trying times.”

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