Planner For Direct Selling Launches Successful Challenge

Lakeland, MI based Step into Success's 2021 Planner for Direct Selling has created a buzz around the vision board section of the planner. The company hosted an online contest and is excited to see over 135 comments after using the planner. Belinda Ellsworth, the founder and CEO of Step into Success, has also launched a 30-day challenge to help ensure the success of customers who buy the planner.

Day 1 of the challenge began with a Facebook post, where Belinda states, "Today's goal: Review the first three pages of the Planner and listen to my special welcome training and hear some amazing tips about how to use this planner.” The company was delighted to see over 135 comments of participant entries after using the planner. If one takes another day of the challenge, Day 26 is a particularly interesting one. To quote the Facebook post on the official page, “Today we are looking at page 176 which lists some of our favorite apps, tools and resources for me and my Step into Success team! Today's challenge is to choose a different app/tool/website from each category to check out and see what you think!” The categories on this page include graphic design and content creation, post schedulers, photo and video editing, administrative apps, communication tools, email communication and equipment and tools. The Day 26 post also encourages their followers to share their favorite resources as well.

The 2021 planner, which is the starting point of the planner challenge, is in its 4th edition, and includes features such as work life balance goals, vision board, business strategies, monthly training topics with monthly tracking sheets, month-at-a-glance calendar, and a week-at-a-glance section. The planner also has features which make scheduling and tracking healthy habits much easier.

It comes equipped with tabs, a double-sided pocket and even a fun sheet of stickers to decorate one’s planner. The 188 page, 8 1/2 X 11-inch planner also includes over 16 video tutorials. The company’s website states that the, “planner is dramatically different from any other organizer you’ve ever purchased.” The planner covers all aspects of a business, from sales to team training to events to social media. The company also offers an ‘I Want It All Bundle’ for those who are interested in purchasing a planner. The bundle includes a 2021 Planner for Direct Sellers, a gratitude journal, a leader planning guide and an accessory bundle (which contains stationery, including stickers and markers). This package also comes with a 60-day trial to the company’s elite Direct Selling Now membership community.

Belinda Ellsworth, founder of Step Into Success, saw a bigger, brighter future for the world of planners for direct sellers after discovering a huge gap in the industry. Her company, Step into Success, has been building wealth for the industry since their inception, one planner at a time. To quote Belinda, “I searched and searched for a special planner for our industry, for direct sellers like you and me. Even bought a few, planner after planner, Guess what? There was nothing out there."

She further states that this was, "Because no standard planner ever came close to covering our needs as direct marketers! I always ended up with a huge mess of multiple planners, calendars, notebooks, and sticky notes everywhere!" It became her goal to help reduce the overwhelming stress for the industry and find a solution. She says, "That's why I created the #1 Planner for Direct Sellers. And it's working, really well, for direct sellers like you and me." New features, such as the vision board in the 2021 Planner for Direct Sellers, are the results of this goal.

The success of the planner can be seen in their many positive reviews. Susan Glynn Mule, states on the company website, "I love my planner! I have my goals ready for January, and guess what? Knowing I was preparing for January made me work my December harder! I am going to earn my first incentive trip as a result!" Yet another testimonial on the website, by Kara Bates, states that, "I got this for Christmas and I’m in love with it! It’s amazing, and I’m already getting myself organized for 2021. This is absolutely lovely and worth every penny!"

Those who would like to learn more about the Planner for Direct Sellers, the company and so on may visit their official website to get started. Their website provides a convenient list of programs, resources, courses and more offered by Step Into Success. For further inquiries, one may contact the company via phone or email.


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