Planner For Direct Sales Exceeds 10,000 Unit Sales Milestone

Lakeland, MI based Step Into Success is pleased to announce that they have passed the 10,000 unit sales marker for their Planner for Direct Sales. Step Into Success’s planners for direct sales cover all areas of handling one’s business, from sales, events and training to social media management. They provide everything that entrepreneurs and direct sellers need in a planner.

As such, the planner is packed with useful features that include work life balance goals, business strategies, monthly training topics and monthly tracking sheets. It also has a dedicated section for healthy habits tracking, a vision board, a month-at-a-glance calendar and week-at-a-glance scheduling.

planner for direct sales

In addition, A Step Into Success planner for direct sales also comes with tabs, a double-side pocket, one sheet of lively stickers for personal customization and more than 16 video tutorials. Step Into Success always makes sure that their current planner is better than its previous iterations. Now, the planner is in its fourth edition, and is continuously being improved based on the needs of its users. Step Into Success asserts that their planners stand out sharply from any other organizer or planner in the market because of its many useful features. These planners are also known for being affordable — a copy of the Step Into Success planner for direct sales can be purchased for only $44.

Step Into Success further offers a leader planning guide that can be used in conjunction with their planner for direct sales, which they contend is a feature that all direct sales and entrepreneurship leaders should have. They are designed to help leaders work even better with their team members. The leader planning guide contains quarterly planning features, ideas for seasonal strategies, monthly tracking, vital downline stats, monthly themed meeting ideas, incentive ideas and a consultant tracker. These guides also come with leadership training video tutorials to help people grow their organization throughout the year.

Another Step Into Success offering is their 76-page gratitude journal. In general, keeping a gratitude journal helps entrepreneurs and direct sellers retain a positive attitude towards their businesses and their path moving forward. It also helps them grow their businesses and achieve their goals faster. In fact, studies have shown that using a gratitude journal gives people a 40% greater chance of reaching their goals. A copy of the Step Into Success gratitude journal can be purchased for just $15. Step Into Success also offers an accessory bundle that contains a set of 8 Acrylic Markers, 1-pop in bookmark/ruler, 2 ‘Things to Do Today’, a Post-It pad of 50 sheets and 3 Sticker sheets.

The company also offers people the opportunity to join their Direct Selling Now membership community that helps entrepreneurs make the most of their planner and excel in their direct selling business. Those interested in joining the community are also given a 60 day free trial. After the first 60 days, membership will cost $15 per month. Members may choose to unsubscribe from the service at any time.

Buyers have already had high praise for the Step Into Success Direct Sales planner. Lindsay Kirkham says in a testimonial featured on the Step Into Success website, “I received my 2020 planner and ripped the package open like a toddler on Christmas morning! I grabbed one last year, for the first time, and despite having a rough year, personally, I was able to have a pretty good year in my business. The best yet. Despite numerous hospital stays with my little guy, my planner kept me organized with all the going ons in my life and allowed me that little bit of extra detail towards my business! If you haven’t snagged yours yet, it will honestly be the best Christmas gift you can give yourself.“

Elexus Loebbecke says in another featured testimonial, “This planner showed up right when I needed it most. I have used so many planners over the years and this one is set up with all my favorite parts and then some! Vision board to go everywhere with me, client list right in my hands, calendars big enough to actually write in! And the times don't end at 7 pm!”

Those looking for materials and products that can help them take their direct selling business to the next level may check out the Step Into Success website for more details. Business owners may also connect with the company via the Step into Success Facebook page to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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