Pinnacle Treatment Centers New Blog Post Discusses How Methadone Clinics Work

Pinnacle Treatment Centers has just posted a new blog that discusses ‘how does methadone work’ as part of medically assisted drug therapy treatments. They are very familiar with this type of treatment because they operate opioid addiction recovery facilities all across the USA. This blog is just another way for this well-known substance abuse treatment provider to help bring attention to the opioid crisis in the USA that continues to claim lives daily. It’s also an important topic for them because it shows those that are suffering from opioid addiction that there is hope when it comes to getting their lives turned around.

The new blog article started by talking about how devastating the effects of opioid addiction can be not just on those going through it but also on their family and friends. It leaves many of those who lose someone suffering from this form of substance abuse in mourning and feeling guilty that they could not help save their loved one from his or her addiction. In the new blog, it was also very straightforward when stating despite the best efforts of those that care about them, it will not make much difference unless an opioid addict decides for themself that they want help. Some staggering statistics were pointed out at the beginning of the blog article. This includes some facts from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) that reported between 21 and 29% of those who get opioid prescriptions will go on to misuse them and another 8 to 12% will develop what is called opioid use disorder (OUD). The NIDA report even indicated that 4 to 6% of those who get opioid prescriptions will end up using heroin. These numbers are a real eye-opener for those who are wondering ‘how does methadone work’.

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As the blog continued, it also talked about how those suffering from an addiction like opioid abuse often see their lives as bleak and hopeless. Many times, it appears to them that they are only existing to get their ‘next high’. The article also stated that those who assist patients at the Pinnacle Treatment Centers are knowledgeable and compassionate when it comes to what those patients are going through. It was also brought up in the blog that one of the most common treatments for opioid addiction that is used at these addiction recovery facilities is called Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT). The article says that this most often involves the use of the drug methadone which is a long-lasting and slow-acting form of opioid that has shown to help those experiencing withdrawal symptoms from heroin and other opioids. It comes in tablet or liquid form and can only be administered after a doctor at their clinics has seen a patient and then written a prescription for it. The blog post also informs that the sole purpose of methadone clinics is to dispense medicine following known medically assisted drug therapy treatments. In-patient methadone maintenance therapy (MMT) treatments give patients daily doses that are closely monitored for the first seven to 10 days. After that, the article states that recovering opioid addicts will then visit the facility daily for up to six months to continue their medically assisted drug therapy treatments.

Not only was their much good information in the blog post itself but there was also an embedded video in the blog that gave more information on the subject. The blog article from this reputable methadone clinic was also complemented by another blog post that talked about ‘what is a methadone doctor’.

Pinnacle Treatment Centers, which are headquartered in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, have been recognized as being a leader in not only treating opioid addiction but they are known for helping people recover from other forms of alcohol and drug abuse too. Their comprehensive treatment programs attend to the needs of over 29,000 substance abuse patients a day in such states as California, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. This includes more than 100 community-based locations. The clinic’s services cater to both male and female patients and are comprised of such well-known addiction treatments as medically monitored detoxification, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization care, and intensive and general outpatient programs. Pinnacle Treatment Centers is even very active in running programs that will help a patient stay clean or sober after leaving their facility.


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