Pikesville Termite Control Company Exposes Realtor Tactics for Hiding The Truth

On The Fly Pest Solutions is a highly rated and reputable Pikesville pest control company that has built its business based on highly trained technicians, honesty and integrity. The company points out that this is not always the case though when speaking of termite control services in the Owings Mills, Reisterstown, and Pikesville, MD area. More specifically when real estate agents or companies are in charge of dealing with a termite infestation in homes which are in consideration for purchase by prospective buyers. On The Fly Pest Solutions cited as an example that many realtors and home flippers in the area often suggest to prospective home buyers that they use specific pest control companies when getting Wood Damaging Insect (WDI) inspections done. Oftentimes these established working relationships result in substandard termite inspection reports or inadequate termite damage details if problems are found in the pre-purchase home inspection for termites. That’s why this Pikesville Maryland based company always advises home buyers to hire their own pest control company when getting inspections for wood-destroying insects done.

The owner of On The Fly Pest Solutions, Don Brody, says, “Commonly in the field, realtors make it very difficult for inspectors performing Wood Damaging Insect (WDI) Reports for Eastern subterranean termites because these reports can ruin a home sale, so they restrict what can and can not be reported. Because of this, they will want to use their own pest control inspector company and not the buyers', which typically leads to these bias results. A lot of times when these ‘realtor preferred’ pest control companies do find termite damage, they tend to also far under estimate what the cost would be to remediate the damages.”

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Brody went on to say that this gets even worse when realtors or house flippers will state there is old damage or old signs of insects but try to act as if it was not an issue even though they are not licensed or trained to make this determination. He added that any sign of termite damage is nothing that anyone wants to turn a blind eye to because repair costs could be substantial if active termite infestations are not dealt with immediately. That’s because termites when taking up residence in a home can do an incredible amount of damage. This includes damage to such important home structural components as floors, support beams, posts, wall studs, and floor joists. They are also known to ruin ceiling joists, roof supports, drywall, and even impact attics and foundations. The company field manager stated that what makes repairs from termite damage so expensive to correct is that some demolition has to be performed to access most of these structural components and then once the repair is complete, these areas will then need to be restored. This is why their company takes as much time as necessary when doing termite damage inspections in Reisterstown, Owings Mills, Pikesville or other surrounding Baltimore areas.

The company field manager went on to talk about a recent nightmare experience that a new home buyer had that they asked On The Fly Pest Solutions for help with. He says, “We were called out to help with a severe termite swarm in a client's home that they had recently bought. During our inspection, we found multiple termite colonies around structures and swarms that had lasted at least 35 days from separate colonies. After speaking with the client, it was determined that the real estate agent was supposed to hire a licensed WDI inspector but failed to do so before the sale of the home was finished. The disclosure paperwork that was presented to the home buyer from the house flipper disclosed ‘no previous problems’ when referencing wood-destroying insects. Later, upon investigation, we even found that two previous companies had treated the property with subpar termite treatments. Furthermore, one of these companies was even hired by the same house flipper that had disclosed that there was no previous WDI activity.”

Don Brody says that after the new home buyer consulted with a termite structural engineer, it was found that there was over $140,000 worth of property damage in the home with intentions of covering it up. Thankfully, after using a highly recommended termite treatment (Termidor HE) and follow up with a baiting system using (Trelona bait), they at On The Fly Pest Solutions were able to resolve the termite infestation. Sadly, he reported, their client had to go through a long-term litigation process with the realtor and house flipper over their actions of attempting to hide this infestation and not disclosing the history. It was also found that the house flipper and realtor were a partner in many business deals working against homeowners once the home was purchased. Even though the realtor was the buyer's agent, the realtor worked to help the house flipper, not the buyer. The company field manager added that this unfortunately is a common occurrence in the Owings Mills, Reisterstown, and Pikesville area.

According to Brody, they make sure that these types of problems are avoided when they are performing Owings Mills pest control for termites. That’s because they are a company that is committed to providing nothing but the absolute best and most thorough pest, wildlife, mosquito, and termite control services. He added that they are always available to consult with in the Pikesville, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Baltimore and the surrounding areas about any common household pests concerns that they have.


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