Pigment Paint Supply in Charlottesville Offers Quality Paint Line and a Wide Range of Paint Supplies

Pigment Paint Supply is offering painting supplies in Charlottesville, VA, aside from their superior paint lines. They carry the following items in their store: Wooster and Purdy brushes; Wooster rollers; extension poles; paint trays; drop cloths; abrasives; putty’s and caulks; solvents and strippers; tapes; apparel and PPE; paint sprayer accessories; painter’s tools and scrapers; low VOC interior and exterior stains; Zinsser primers; and Rustoleum spray paint.

Charles Davis, a spokesperson for Pigment Paint Supply, says, “You're a homeowner who's ready to take on your next painting project, but you don't know where to start. Painting can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right supplies and some instruction, you can easily paint your home yourself. Pigment Paint Supply is here to help. In addition to our superior paint lines, we carry a wide range of paint supplies including abrasives, putty’s and caulks, solvents and strippers, tapes, apparel and PPE, and many more. We also sell a limited amount of paint supplies online.”

Paint Store in Charlottesville, Virginia

One of the available paint lines at Pigment Paint Supply is Mythic Paint. This is a non-toxic paint that offers premium paint characteristics without the volatile organic compounds (VOCs), off-gassing, and toxins that can cause cancer. There are more than 1,200 colors available for Mythic paints.

Homeowners need to know that most paints are off-gassing and toxic, which means that they can cause cancer. It is not only the fumes from most paints that can be carcinogenic but also the VOCs that are released when the paint dries. That is why Pigment Paint Supply offers non-toxic paint, such as Mythic paints. Pigment Paint Supply offers Mythic Paint in-store and also offers some varieties online, such as: Mythic Paint - All Purpose Primer; Mythic Paint - Black Label Interior Ultra Low VOC Paint; Mythic Paint - Classic Interior Latex Low Odor Paint; and Mythic Paint - Classic Exterior Latex Low Odor Paint.

Pigment Paint Supply also offers Farrell-Calhoun Paint. Farrell-Calhoun is a paint manufacturer that always ensures to use only the best raw materials available. This has been proven by a blind test conducted by DuPont, which revealed that the Farrell-Calhoun 300 line outperformed all regional and national brands. Pigment Paint Supply offers Farrell-Calhoun Paint in-store only.

Also available from Pigment Paint Supply is Good Bones Furniture Paint. This paint has been specially formulated for furniture and has a highly durable finish. Furthermore, it can be buffed to provide a satin sheen and there’s no need for priming, sanding, or sealing. It has superior coverage, zero VOC, and a high-quality ultra-matte finish. Pigment Paint Supply offers Good Bones Paint in-store and also online.

Pigment Paint Supply is a paint store in Charlottesville, Virginia, where they sell Mythic Paint, Good Bones Paint, Farrell-Calhoun Paint, and a wide range of stains, brushes, primers, waxes, topcoats, and other paint supplies. They offer a complete range of exterior and interior paint solutions for any do-it-yourself painting project in the home. They have experienced and trained staff who can help customers match any paint color and find the appropriate product for the project. Their Pigment team has many years of experience and training, having been on both sides of the counter, because they know how important product knowledge is to the success of a project. Their store is located next to the Piedmont Paint & Finish (PPF) professional finishing shop, which has more than 2,500 square feet of working space and includes a fully-enclosed professional spray booth, a dedicated prep room, and artistic finishes studio. PPF offers furniture and cabinet painting and refinishing services. Meanwhile, Pigment Paint Supply also has the goal of providing its clients with unmatched product knowledge and experience, such as color consultation and training. They also offer paint delivery on qualifying orders.

Those who want to buy Mythic Paint and other paints and various painting supplies can check out the Pigment Paint Supply website, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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