Physical Therapy Clinic Impact Care Therapy Is Serving Athletes In Houston, Texas

Impact Care Therapy, a physical therapy clinic in Houston, Texas, is helping athletes recover from their injuries and stay energized to face their demanding schedules.

Impact Care Therapy is a family-owned physical therapy practice owned by Drs. Manny and Denise Miano. They have a combined 18 years of experience in physical therapy. They have been serving the communities of Missouri City, Sienna, and Sugar Land, Texas from their location just outside of Houston since January 5th, 2016. Over the years the power couple has helped many athletes from all corners of the sporting world get back to their normal physical activity by helping them rehabilitate after surgeries or injuries.

They have helped their clients fight many types of injuries that back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, ankle pain, and foot pain. As athletes themselves, and particularly with Dr. Manny Miano's activity with a local soccer club where he helps youth develop and coaches them to become elite soccer players, Impact Care Therapy is dedicated to helping athletes recover and get back to the sports that they love.

Dr. Manny Miano talks about their center’s core mission by saying, “Our main goal is to empower people to live an active lifestyle or return to one following an injury. We are driven and passionate about helping people with nagging and recurring injuries. We want all of our clients to be pain-free and to have the energy to pursue their fitness goals with full vigor. Our techniques allow people to stop relying on pain medication and avoid costly invasive surgeries. We want to present a natural solution to heal our clients’ bodies without going under the knife whenever possible. At the end of the day, we take joy in touching the lives of all the people that come to us for a consultation and we love to see them succeed at forging their dream physique.”

Dr. Denise Miano talks about the motivation behind the couple’s practice by saying, “We are honored to be working with hard-working and dedicated athletes on a daily basis. We understand the kind of commitment that our clients put in to excel at their chosen sports. We even work with a ton of non-athletes, whether post-surgery or otherwise, and many of them put in tremendous effort to achieve and maintain a strong physique. To serve these high-performers, we understand that we have to be at the top of our game every day and match the work ethic that our clients bring to their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. We have lived up to these expectations thus far and we are confident that we will continue to match our clients’ zeal for years to come.”

Readers can also learn from their YouTube channel about the best exercises to do to recover from specific injuries, such as ACL sprains. Their YouTube content covers exercises such as Wall Heel Slides, Planks With Leg Lifts, Hip Extensions with Knee Flexions, Dynamic Hamstring Stretch, Hamstring Foam Rolling, Resisted Hip 3-Way, Reverse Walk + Lunge, Monster Walk, Tight Rope Walk, Side Step Squat, Standing Hip-Strengthening With Resistance, Heel Rockers, Heel Walk, Supine Marching, Child's Pose Stretch, Leg Foam Roll, Terminal Knee Extension, Straight Leg Raise, Knee Extension, Quad Sets, Calf Foam Roll, Quad Foam Roll, and Hamstring Foam Rolls.

A testimonial of the center’s services from a client with athletic ambitions highlighted on its website says, “I injured my hamstring during marathon training. Dr. Denise and Dr. Manny at Impact Care Therapy not only helped me to recover, but they also helped me reach the finish line strong! The service they provide is very high quality, and you feel like a family member from the moment you open their door. Thanks so much for all your support!”

The therapy center can be reached at the phone number +1 346-341-7300 or at the email address The center is located at 3841 Cartwright Rd, Missouri City, TX, 77459. Readers can find out more about the practice by heading over to its website at


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