Physical Therapy Clinic FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Is Offering Myofascial Therapy In Albuquerque, NM

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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers is providing a range of health and wellness treatments including myofascial therapy at its Albuquerque, New Mexico, location.

Myofascial pain syndrome refers to pain and discomfort in the musculoskeletal system that is often chronic in nature. It is a commonly reported disorder that is caused by sensitivity and tightness in the fascia, the tissues surrounding the muscles in the body that also provide them with much-needed support. Myofascial pain generally originates from trigger points that are specific points within the tissues undergoing tension and tightness. The cause of the tension might be a past injury or excessive strain on a muscle, muscle group, ligament, or tendon.

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Myofascial Release is a form of therapy that aims to ease the stiffness in the myofascial points by offering relief to a broad area of tissue and the attached muscles. It may be administered by chiropractors or licensed massage therapists. The therapy involves massaging the areas near or surrounding the trigger points with light manual pressure. The therapist will first examine the area in pain for areas that are tight or stiff. Once the general area to massage is identified, the process is repeated over and over again until the patient reports that the tension has been released or minimized.

Manual massage therapy is much more focused and precise than the massages that are generally offered in health and wellness spas. Myofascial release massage therapy targets the areas of the body that have been through injury or are currently suffering from the debilitating effects of pain and decreased mobility. Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers says that the massage therapy services offered by its certified and trained chiropractors and therapists can help relax muscles and ease muscle spasms, increase range of motion and flexibility, improve circulation, enhance post-surgical rehabilitation, decrease recovery time for orthopedic problems, neurological disorders, and sports injuries, improve posture and balance, and strengthen the immune system.

A spokesperson for FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers Albuquerque talks about the efficacy of myofascial massage therapy by saying, “After an injury, muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissues) tend to tighten up, restricting circulation, contributing to pain, and decreasing joint movement. With techniques such as soft tissue and joint mobilization, neuromuscular massage, and myofascial release, physical therapists manipulate soft tissues and connective tissue, the sheath that covers bones, nerves, and soft tissues, to restore motion and ease the discomfort caused by muscle tightness and spasms. At Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers Albuquerque, we can use a range of modalities to ensure that your joint and muscle stiffness becomes a thing of the past and help you enjoy the full unrestricted use of your body to live life to the fullest.”

Though myofascial massage therapy can be a great match for a lot of different patients suffering from chronic pain in their muscles, it is not ideal for all situations. Myofascial massage is not recommended for patients with burns, injuries, or painful wounds, with fractures or broken bones, with fragile or weak bones, with deep vein thrombosis or deep vein issues, and those taking blood-thinning medications. The experienced medical professionals and chiropractors at the clinic will advise the patient on the treatment that is best suited for their condition based on the findings of a complete physical exam. They may opt for a different technique of rehabilitation and treatment if the patient suffers from any of the aforementioned conditions that myofascial massage therapy won’t be a good solution for.

The clinic was established in 2003 by Kale and Mary Isaacson who have over 50 years of combined experience delivering healing to thousands of patients suffering from injuries, stress, and discomfort. The clinic incorporates orthopedic and manual physical therapy, Kinesiotaping, massage therapy, balance therapy program, and vestibular rehabilitation to create a comprehensive approach to treatment. The clinic can treat a wide range of conditions such as dizziness, neurologic, fitness, and wellness, auto injuries, work injuries, chronic back pain, concussions, and any type of body pain.

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