Phoenix News And Talk Kicking Off Hometown Hall

Phoenix, AZ #phoenix-az (CNT) – PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com announced today it has begun the building process for Hometown Hall.

PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com - Kicking Off Hometown Hall

Hometown Hall is a social media type online space for community members of the local Phoenix Metro area to communicate, get city info, sell in the marketplace, find safety information, and download guides about Phoenix.

Hometown Hall has a very unique feature which no other social media platform has incorporated and that is real radio, and not just podcasts. This is radio that streams 24 hours a day and brought to the community and licensed by Infotainment Radio.

Hometown Hall plans to rollout Phase I of the project in early January, 2021. Phoenix News And Talk is one of the flagship cities to kick off Hometown Hall before rolling out to the other City News And Talk sites.

Troy Warren, Executive Producer of Infotainment Radio commented, “Infotainment Radio will produce and air talk shows for every popular subject including Health, Foodie, Travel, Car, Home and Finance with many more being added in 2021 for Phoenix Hometown Hall.”

PhoenixNewsAndTalk.Com - Building Hometown Hall

Phoenix News And Talk is a comprehensive site consisting of daily Hometown LOCAL News, PR News, Events, Hometown Foodie, Hometown Woof Post, Hometown Classic Car of the Day and deals for consumers in the Phoenix Metro area.

The official hashtag for Phoenix News And Talk is #phoenix-az.


For more information about Infotainment Talk Radio, contact the company here:

Infotainment Talk Radio
Troy Warren
(800) 845-TROY (8769)
28202 Cabot Road, STE 300
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677