Philadelphia Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency Joins Black Business Directory

The Expert SEO Group, a Philadelphia, PA based Digital Marketing and Web Design agency, has announced their decision to join the worldwide Black Business Directory of Rhinos’ Nation.

The Expert SEO Group owner, Elishama Jiles, stated, “Joining Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Directory was an easy decision for us to make. They have a growing worldwide membership and with black consumers becoming more conscious of where they spend their dollars, it only made sense to join with other quality black-owned businesses and be a part of this black business directory.”

The Expert SEO Group

Those interested can visit the Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Directory Marketing & Advertising category here at this link:

The Expert SEO Group offers many services related to online marketing and is actually listed in three business categories in the Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Directory. The categories they can be found listed in are the Marketing and Advertising category, the Website category, and the Advertising category. The Expert SEO Group also offers discounts on services to members of Rhinos’ Nation.

The Expert SEO Group owner, Elishama Jiles, stated, “There are many small business owners that still have not made the shift to marketing and selling their products and services online. The current state we are in dictates that all businesses, in order to survive, must make that transition. We are looking at “normal” change right before our very eyes. It is no longer, location, location, location. But rather, what’s your website URL. At The Expert SEO Group, we specialize in helping small business owners make the transition to online marketing easier and less intimidating.”

The Expert SEO Group has been in the Digital Marketing business since 2014 and offers services to a growing list of small businesses worldwide. Individuals and small business owners interested in their services should visit the company website and schedule a free strategy session at

Individuals interested in following The Expert SEO Group socially can connect with the company via their Facebook page at

While Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Directory is in its early stages, the company itself has been in existence since 2010 and boasts of a membership of close to 300 members. One of the major advantages to black-owned businesses when joining Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Directory is an almost immediate influx of new customers that are looking for quality black-owned businesses to fulfill their needs and wants. The members of Rhinos’ Nation are constantly encouraged (some members are actually required) to patronize businesses in the Black Business Directory at least once per month.

Rhinos’ Nation CEO, Darrick L. Tucker, stated, "We are helping black-owned businesses expand and grow to potentially create more jobs for more people during these difficult times. There's no better way to do that than to provide them with more customers."

Interested black business owners are encouraged to become a sponsor and join the Rhinos’ Nation Black Business Directory by contacting Darrick Tucker, company CEO, at 901-491-7529 M-F (9am - 7pm) CST and Sat (10am - 6pm) CST.

Those interested in membership in Rhino’s Nation should visit the company website for more information about the company and its benefits to members.


For more information about The Expert SEO Group, contact the company here:

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