PHB Announces Buying Homes Across Conroe, TX Regardless of Condition

Conroe, Texas – PHB announced early last week, stating in an official press release, "we buy houses Conroe, Texas, regardless of its condition." Giving homeowners who cannot sell an opportunity to sell their homes fast and for a fair cash offer.

PHB announced early last week via an official press release that the company is buying homes for cash as-is. The announcement was made after the company said that one of PHB's goals was to make it easier and faster for homeowners in Conroe to sell their homes. The official press release, amongst other things, stated, "we buy houses Conroe for cash, regardless of their condition. If you are thinking, how do I sell my house fast? Then contact us. You can get an offer for your home within 24 hours."

Many homes in Conroe may sit on the market for several months before they even get an offer. The recent economic slowdown has certainly not helped. Today, if a home is in any condition other than ideal, it can be a tough sell, say many real estate agents. Also, it can become harder to sell a home if the owner decides to handle the sale themselves, which means they can't benefit from the extensive realtor network. Selling a home to cash home buyers in Conroe is probably not for everyone but certainly for those who want to sell fast or for those homeowners whose homes have been sitting on the market for months.

Readers can find out more about PHB's cash for home buyers and how they work by visiting the company's official website at

"At PHB, we buy houses Conroe and other nearby cities. Over the years, we've successfully purchased dozens of homes across the city on an as-is basis. What that means is homeowners don't need to spend time and money on renovations or even cleaning up the home," said one of the representatives for PHB.

She added, "We are one of the leading cash home buyers in Conroe, Texas, and will give you a no-obligation offer within 24 hours. All you need is to get in touch with us with details about your home."

About PHB

PHB is one of Conroe, Texas's most established and well-known cash for home buying companies. The company makes it quick and easy for homeowners to sell their homes by making a generous cash offer. PHB has a team of experts that work with homeowners to ensure that the sale goes through successfully once they accept the offer.


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