PG Environmental Services, Inc. Partners With Geoprobe Systems For Geotechnical Drilling Service

PG Environmental Services Inc., a Leading Geotechnical Data Services in Long Island, is partnering with Geoprobe Systems to provide fast and accurate geotechnical data.

Based in Hauppauge, New York, PG Environmental Services offers a long-range of environmental services. The company is serving clients in Long Island and throughout the Metro New York Area, including Manhattan and the Boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island). They have been in the environmental services business since 2017, and continue to expand their operations across the state.

Geoprobe Systems, on the other hand, manufactures high output compact drilling equipment. Their compact machines are used for more complicated geotechnical projects. Compared to conventional equipment, Geoprobe Systems are compatible with more terrains and places.

With this partnership, geotechnical work can easily be accomplished. Thus, hiring the PG Environmental Services Inc. for their geotechnical drilling service is more cost-effective for anyone.

“We are a fully equipped and professionally staffed company that provides a complete range of subsurface explorations and geotechnical investigations,” states PG Environmental Services Inc.

Through its geotechnical drilling service, the Metro New York Environmental Servicing Company studies the soil behavior under the influence of soil water interactions and loading forces. This information is utilized in the foundation design, clay liners, earth dams, retaining walls, and geosynthetics for containment of waste.

The geotechnical data gathered from the geotechnical drilling activity can be used to assess the risk of landslides, mining, weak/soft ground, sinkholes, and groundwater, among others. Having this information, homeowners and property developers can make necessary alterations on their restoration or development project.

PG Environmental Services, Inc. is most recommended for any civil engineering work since its drilling equipment is available for both onshore and offshore projects and is capable of drilling in any terrain or location. They can complete projects, both large and complex, without sacrificing performance and providing quality samples.

They offer the following drilling rigs: Low Clearance, Small ATV Track, Large ATV Track and Rubber Tire, and Large Truck Rig. These rigs are operated by experienced drillers who utilize driven casing by direct push technology (DTP), hollow stem auger, and mud rotary drilling methods.

“We perform geotechnical engineering and understand its importance, especially when it comes to property development,” the company claims.

Apart from Geotechnical Data services in Long Island, PG Environmental Services, Inc. likewise provide other in-demand environmental services. They also offer the following: top ground-penetrating radar, groundwater sampling, soil sampling, monitoring wells, underground tanks (UST), or above-ground tanks (AST) removal and excavation.

To know more about PG Environmental Services, Inc., and their various environmental service offerings, visit their website at or call them at 631-901-1888. The company is located at 175 Commerce Drive, Unit N, Hauppauge, NY 11788.


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