Pest Solutions in Lodi Notice of Merger

Pest infestations are on the rise in San Joaquin County and because of this most pest control businesses are becoming very busy. This is definitely the case for Pest Solutions in Lodi. The company has been working hard to make sure that every pest infestation they are faced with is resolved in the best way possible. Their team of ten exterminators have been working a lot of overtime to help as many families and business owners as possible. In doing so their equipment and vehicles have taken a beating.

The company realized this so when they were offered a merger agreement they hopped onto it immediately. The merger was offered to them by another smaller pest control company that is local to the area. The merger states that Pest Solutions of Lodi will receive brand new pest control equipment, new utility vans, and three new employees from the unnamed company.

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The president of Pest Solutions of Lodi went on to talk about the merger, “We have grown like crazy over the years and this new surge in pest infestations has made us realize we need another boost in growth. We are very happy to announce that we will be signing a merger agreement this weekend which will allow the company to help more people with various pest infestations than ever before. The merger states that we will receive brand new pest control equipment, new utility vehicles, and three new employees. The new equipment will take the place of our old equipment and will allow us to more reliably hand any pest in the area. The new utility vans are already prepped for pest control and will allow our exterminators to be more organized and more reliably get to and infestation in record time. Finally, the new employees will allow us to help more people than ever before.

The company offers multiple different services to take care of any pest protection needs out there. Their most popular service is their custom treatments. The exterminators first go to the target property and examine it to determine the best way to take care of the pests. They do not perform generalized treatments. This means that the company can take care of each infestation in the best way possible, which is determined by the examination.

They also provide routine services. These services are set up with the customers and are scheduled monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually without contract. Their exterminators go to the property and take all the preventative measures to make sure that there is never a pest infestation in the future.

The company provides the highest rated pest control services to San Joaquin County residents. They are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at An employee of the company recently said, “Pest infestations can take over an entire property overnight. If people think they have a pest infestation they should contact a professional immediately before the problem gets worse.


For more information about Pest Solutions in Lodi, contact the company here:

Pest Solutions in Lodi
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