Pest Control of Indianapolis Welcomes New Staff

Pest Control of Indianapolis has provided Marion County with the most reliable pest control services for over fifteen years. The company has a team of five exterminators who have all been professionally trained on how to treat any pest infestation in the area. The exterminators have experience with every species of pest in the area. They offer professional services that get the needed results quickly and affordably.

The company has been really busy with pest infestations recently which has led to their team having to work overtime. So the president of the company decided to hire two new employees. The team welcomed Marcus Zingle and Jane Servies.

pest control of indianapolis

The president recently announced the new employees, “Please help me welcome Marcus and Jane! Marcues has been in the pest control industry for over ten years. He has a lot of experience with every species of pest local to Marion County. This will be Jane’s first pest control job but believe she is a go-getter. She has a great work ethic and loves helping people. I know these two are going to be great additions to the team.

Pest Control of Indianapolis offers three major pest control services. Their most popular services are their custom treatments. Each treatment is custom designed to treat the individual species of pest it was meant for. The company says that by doing this they can guarantee the most reliable results and the most affordable prices.

Their routine checkups are also very popular. These checkups are scheduled monthly, quarterly, biannually, and annually. They do not require a contract. Their exterminators will examine the target property and take all of the preventative measures in order to prevent any pest infestations in the future. Finally, their emergency services are great for when people are met with dangerous situations. These situations might include wild animals or poisonous pests.

Pest Control of Indianapolis has a lot of high ratings for their services and are known to be the most reliable pest control company in the area. If anyone thinks they have a pest problem in their property they should call Pest Control of Indianapolis today. They can be reached by phone as well as on their website at Their hours are 8 to 5 on weekdays and from 8 to 1 on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays.

An employee of the company recently said, “Pests are very dangerous to keep around for too long. They can take over an entire property overnight and can deteriorate the property as well as spread diseases to anyone nearby. If people think they have a pest problem they should not wait to call a professional.


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