Pest Control in Galt Provides Extermination Service to Residents

Pest Control in Galt is a company that provides professional pest control service to the Sacramento County area. The company provides custom services that offer the most effective and quickest methods for treating every kind of infestation. The company plans to treat every pest in Galt including but not limited to bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, fleas, and spiders.

The company has a large arsenal of highly trained exterminators. Each team member has been rigorously trained on each species of pest in order to control any and every infestation. The team consists of 10 exterminators and each of them are prepared for infestations; big and small.

Spider Exterminators

In a recent interview, the Pest Control in Galt president said, “We are excited to be able to help every family with an infestation in the Sacramento County area. No family should be uncomfortable in their own home and no entrepreneur should be uncomfortable in their business. We help with all types of pests and our methods are effective and quick. The services we offer are custom designed for each type of pest in order to provide the best results.”

Another representative of Pest Control in Galt mentioned, “Pests are becoming harder and harder to treat. Whereas our services are constantly being changed and updated to control the infestations, over-the-counter products are staying the same. These products are becoming less and less effective and don’t control the source that the pests are coming from. Our exterminators not only find the source and get rid of it, they find the point of entry that the pests are using to get into the property.”

The company is available through the week from 8am to 5pm and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays. Their team of exterminators can be reached by telephone or online at One of the team members told us that they always recommend property owners contact a professional exterminator if they believe bugs or rodents have invaded their space. “Taking immediate action is very critical to keep damage and service costs down,” the team member said.


For more information about Pest Control in Galt, contact the company here:

Pest Control in Galt
789 Ashboro Ln, Galt CA 95632