Personalized Gift Provider Discusses Projected Industry Growth

Personalized Gifts in Miami, FL

Miami, FLA – Recently, Technavio projected that the personalized gift market will experience growth in the next few years. They believe the market will reach USD 1.59 billion by the year 2024. As a provider of custom gifts and awards, Awards TrophyWorld took special note of this projection.

The report done by Technavio provides details analyzing the US personalized gift market. It includes details on each plausible scenario: optimistic, probable, and pessimistic. This growth is projected to come when there are a large number of gift items saturating the market. This will make personalized gifts the ideal option for many people.

The data gathered shows that in 2021 alone, there will be more than a three percent growth in the personalized gift industry. This is likely largely a result of the pandemic, as it drove people and businesses to seek out the best ways to show others they care. In addition, Technavio believes that demand will increase for 3D printed customized items, which will also contribute to the personalized gift industry growth.

Technavio predicts that about 67 percent of the industry growth will come from non-photo items, as the industry is quickly expanding. Gradually gaining popularity are items such as personalized songs, personalized coolers, personalized podcasts, and more. Because of this expansion into such niche areas, the growth in the personalized gift industry will be difficult to stop.

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