Personal Training Crash Course Offered At Top LA Fitness Center

Van Nuys, CA based Strength Academy is giving fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to turn their strengths into a lucrative career by taking an accelerated five-week, hands-on NASM-CPT course: the Strength Academy Personal Trainer Certification program. Having been recently updated to meet the standards and requirements of today’s trainers, it is now the most comprehensive course available. Since Strength Academy is also widely considered to be the top institution for personal trainers in Los Angeles, this represents nothing short of a potential trainer’s express route to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

As the company states, “Fitness Professionals are on the frontlines too. Now more than ever, people are seeking educated and Certified Personal Trainers to provide a safe, knowledgeable and productive workout. We’re building immune systems one person at a time. Change lives and your own.” Many who have pushed themselves and found communion with their bodies desire nothing more than to share these results with their community, and this is exactly the type of attitude that Strength Academy hopes to build on. The desire to help, however, must be tempered by a consistent, scientific approach, and personal experience is only the foundation for true training. Fortunately, that is exactly what Strength Academy is providing through this certification program, and the team looks forward to fostering new talent in the world of personal fitness.

Personal Trainer Certifications

Crucially, their new crash course study guide for personal trainers also combines two core aspects: the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) curriculum and the company’s own in-house real world application. Since the course is designed to bring trainers up to speed in as short a timeframe as possible, it also accounts for the fact that they will most likely wish to pass their certification exam on the first try. Strength Academy reassures their community that they will receive all the support they need to accomplish this, getting them well underway on their goal of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and saving hours of study time in the process.

This includes a variety of resources, from insight on how the exam is conducted to more than 1,500 practice questions and full practice exams. Strength Academy works with students in real time to figure out where their potential weaknesses are, giving them ample room to address these shortcomings to ensure they do not prove to be a liability in the exam itself. Further, these prep sessions also help them become better trainers, which will eventually be greatly appreciated by their clients.

Tina M. says in their review that the company is, “Hands down, the best and fastest way to get certified! Strength Academy's class structure is academic and hands-on training. This class really prepared me for the exam and the staff was readily available for last-minute recap sessions that helped me get through it. I highly recommend them to get you started in the fitness industry.”

Others report that the Strength Academy Personal Trainer Certification center has all the equipment they need to proceed, and many clients have also expressed a preference for the premises based on the fact that it allows a greater degree of privacy than some other locations. Since training and education can be a deeply personal journey at times, this is extremely important to many people, whether they are just starting to set up a routine or are continuing a years-long endeavor. Strength Academy wishes for nothing more than to give their community the environment they need and deserve to progress in, and this is apparent in every aspect of their services, not just their certification program.

Anyone interested in learning more may visit their location in Los Angeles to discuss their concerns with a member of the company’s expert team. More details on the certification and their associated services can also be found on their official website. Here, users may sign up to pursue their own certification as well.

Those interested in taking this crash course for personal trainers are welcome to contact Natalia Lane of Strength Academy. They are offering both an In-person and Webinar One-Day Crash Course in the near future, though participants should note that space for the In-person program is limited. More information on the Strength Academy Personal Trainer Certification program and so on can be found on the center’s official website.


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