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Atlanta, GA based Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is prepared to lay their considerable resources at the disposal of those looking for workers’ compensation. Getting injured at a place of employment can have drastic consequences, especially if the injury in question is serious enough to require an extended period of recovery. Fortunately, the firm is ready to make sure every worker gets the compensation they deserve when they get hurt on the job.

Workers compensation insurance is paid by employers to ensure workers will have adequate support following an injury suffered at work, such as a means to pay for medical treatment. However, this ideal is not always reflected in reality, and a worker who finds themselves in this position should deeply consider contacting an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney for help navigating any issues that arise.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

According to the firm, the ‘bottleneck’ for compensation largely lies among insurers, which typically process such claims. Since paying out compensation would hurt the insurer’s profits, they have a financial incentive to deny claims — even those that are perfectly legitimate. Furthermore, even when a claim is recognized, they may engage in other unscrupulous tactics in order to minimize the extent of the compensation given, which has an immediate impact on the injured worker. This may seem extreme to the average person, but insurers employ scores of claims adjusters whose sole task may be to limit the amount of compensation paid as much as possible.

At Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., the team has successfully advocated on behalf of clients where insurance companies undervalued lost wages, outright refused substantial claims (for permanent injuries, emotional damage and so on), attempted to convince injured workers to return to work before they were fully recovered, discouraged them from seeking a second medical opinion and more. As a result, workers should avoid making the mistake of assuming the insurance companies involved are on their side. Instead, their best option is to contact an attorney whose sole mission will be to make sure their needs are taken care of. Notably, this is exactly what a worker would benefit from when they approach Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. for assistance. In fact, it is what every client experiences with the firm, no matter what kind of personal injury case is involved.

One client introduces themselves as, “Jocelyn Dudley, a satisfied client with the Ken Nugent law firm located at the Atlanta office.” Their Google review of the Atlanta personal injury attorney expresses that, “I am grateful to have been represented by this law firm. Attorney Khan and Case Manager Tonya Vots did an excellent job handling my case. They were highly professional and highly knowledgeable with my case matter and executed my case quickly and in a timely manner. I highly recommend this law firm to my friends, relatives and anyone that needs assistance with injury cases or any other injury case related. Overall, thank you for your help in getting my life back to normal.”

Ken Nugent’s team has helped many people recover compensation after experiencing a car accident where another party was deemed responsible, and this has directly saved victims from having to deal with expensive medical bills, lost employment opportunities, decreased standard of living and more on their own. As with other practice areas, accident victims can expect nothing less than the firm’s full attention when required, and they will aggressively advocate on their behalf.

“I'm glad I called the Ken Nugent law firm after my first car accident,” says Syeni Lay in their review. “Mary Lynn Paulson and her team were wonderful to work with and would not settle for less to get you what you deserve. She was informative and made sure I understood everything. She kept me updated on everything I need to know about my case. I would highly recommend calling the Ken Nugent law firm.”

The Atlanta office has received more than a thousand reviews from people they have helped, and interested parties are welcome to read more on the firm’s Google profile if they wish to gain an accurate idea of the quality of the client experience offered here. More details on their services can also be found on the firm’s website.


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