Personal Alarms for Women May Be Better Than Pepper Sprays, Says SLFORCE in New Blog Post

SLFORCE LTD, a company that offers safe personal alarms, has announced that they have release a blog post that examines which is better for the safety of women, a personal alarm or a pepper spray. The article points out that a pepper spray may not be a convenient device to have during an emergency situation because there might not be enough time to hold it properly and use it effectively. A safe personal alarm may be a better and more effective tool when a person could possibly be attacked because it can readily be used without wasting much time. More about this can be gleaned from the article posted at

Shahar, a representative from SLFORCE LTD, says, “Safety is one of the most basic human instincts. Like an evolving lifestyle, our methods to keep us safe also continue to evolve. We continue to develop intelligent, smart, handy, and now even portable means to keep us safe and secure. One famous such tool is a pepper spray, and new tools introduced include portable personal alarm as the most effective one. In our most recent blog post, we explore the reasons why a personal alarm may be better than a pepper spray when used for self-defense.”

It should be noted that pepper sprays have become quite common as one of the devices that people bring along to protect themselves in case they are attacked. However, pepper sprays may not work in every situation. For instance, one may miss the target and this may anger the would-be attacker and result into more harm to be inflicted on the victim. On the other hand, personal alarms are portable and are easy to carry and bring along, and it doesn’t require much time nor does it need for the would-be victim to be accurate when activating the alarm.

In addition, while pepper sprays can a good tool for self-defense, there may be situations when the would-be victim will not even get the chance to get it out of the bag and use it. There is also the strong possibility of forgetting to bring along the pepper spray. The personal alarm for women from SLFORCE, on the other hand, is portable and is in the shape of a key chain, making it easy to bring along. It is also available in a broad variety of colors, making it an attractive accessory in addition to not being an obvious self-defense device.

Furthermore, a pepper spray will not usually attract other people’s attention unless they happen to be looking. Other people’s attention is actually a potential attacker’s worst enemy. A sure way to be safe is to be in a crowded place and to be surrounded by many people. And a personal alarm that creates a very loud noise offers the next best thing for safety because it attracts immediate attention. The personal alarm from SLFORCE emits a sound that can be likened to the sound of a train’s whistle. This will surely attract people’s attention and provide some precious time for the would-be victim to escape or get help from other people or even the police.

With regards to the pepper spray, there is also the possibility that the spray might blowback and get into the eyes of the would-be victim, causing temporary blindness, rendering the would-be victim to be more vulnerable to a would-be attacker.

Overall, it is important to note that personal safety tools like a pepper spray may lose their value if they cannot be used quickly during dangerous situations. Pepper sprays have the disadvantage of not being always effective while a safe personal alarm can be more portable and effective. It can be easily be brought along as a key chain and it can readily be activated without wasting precious time.

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