Permakill Exterminating House Mouse Extermination Services Use Non-Toxic Means to Get Rid of These Pests

Permakill Exterminating Co., LLC warns people that want to attempt to get rid of mice infestations themselves, that most store-bought rodenticides contain harmful chemicals. These pose a danger to both people and pets. That’s why this Flanders, NJ-based pest control service recommends leaving house mouse extermination to professionals like them. Their expert pest control personnel only use safe non-toxic means to get rid of mice. There is even a blog article posted on their website which talks about this in greater detail.

The company owner, Frank Illnick, is an entomologist that has over over 35 years of experience in the pest control business. He says, “Mice and rats are rodents that you never want to share a living space with. They are very dirty critters that have the potential to carry diseases and the odor from their droppings and urine will contaminate food spaces and often leaves a foul odor behind too. As small as mice are, they are unbelievably destructive too. They will chew through walls and wires, tear apart attic insulation to make nests, and wreak havoc in your food storage area. Pest control services like ours know how to eliminate mice and keep them from coming back. We also know how to do this in the safest possible manner. So, it’s in your best interest to call us as soon as you detect that presence of mice or other rodents at your Flanders, NJ area home or business.”

Permakill Exterminating House Mouse Extermination

Illnick went to say that the mice control methods that they use are not only safe to use around people and pets but they will also not harm the environment in any way either. He further warned people not to believe in ‘too good to be true’ methods of rodent removal that do not work as claimed. Such is the case with plug-in mice deterrents that are supposed to emit a sound that makes rodents want to stay away. The company owner says there are no studies that prove this method of mouse control is effective.

Those who have used the company’s rodent control services have been very satisfied with the effectiveness of them. Sarah Spear wrote, “This company is great and Jonathan Swomley provided us with exceptional customer service. He literally trapped a rodent while he was doing a weekly inspection at our business. Can’t thank him and PermaKill enough.” PermaKill Exterminating is also a very customer-oriented pest control service that combines expertise with honesty and integrity. That is reflected in this review from TJ B. who stated, “What I really liked about this company is the personalized service that Frank offered us. It's an honest family run business.” These reviews were taken from the company’s GMB Listing where the company’s average rating is an excellent 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars.

In addition to rodent control, one of this pest control company’s other specialties is the elimination of wasps, hornets, and bees. These pests pose a serious threat to individuals and pets when they encroach upon homes and businesses. Permakill Exterminating Co., LLC is the highest rated company in New Jersey when it comes to eliminating the threat that wasps, bees, and hornets pose. The company owner mentioned that they are also very careful never to harm critical honey bee populations when they come across them. Their bee removal services are also very highly thought of by those that have left reviews of this service on their Google Maps Listing. Carly Abrams said, “I noticed a huge wasp’s nest and John was at our house within an hour. He was extremely professional and got rid of the nest in no time. He went above and beyond as he looked around our property twice to make sure no other nests were present. Highly recommend.”

Other pest control services that Permakill Exterminating Co., LLC is known for include squirrel removal and the control of such insects as bed bugs, moths, ticks, and termites. Interested persons in and around Flanders, New jersey that want more information on this reputable pest control company’s rodent control or other services may refer to their website or get this information from their Facebook Page.


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