Pensacola Interior Landscapers Highlight the Mood-Boosting Influence of Indoor Plants

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Pensacola, Fla. — Individuals who frequently feel down might benefit from the addition of plant life to their immediate environment, according to several studies. Heroman Services Plant Company, a provider of retail landscaping in Pensacola, FL, is dedicated to keeping members of their community informed and is sharing insights surrounding the mood-lifting capabilities of indoor plants.

Humans have an innate connection with plants and other living creatures, according to the biophilia hypothesis, which was originally developed by biologist, naturalist and writer E.O. Wilson in 1984. The hypothesis has been verified in over three decades of study since the 1980s, demonstrating that natural settings can significantly improve good feelings while reducing unpleasant ones.

“Our connection to plants is so strong that sometimes it takes only a few minutes of being in their presence to start feeling better. Studies have found that less than 20 minutes is enough to make us feel more at peace. In one experiment, participants who spent even five to 10 minutes in a room with a few houseplants felt happier and more satisfied than those in a room without plants,” states an article published in The Washington Post this month.

It is important to note that indoor plants have the ability to offer a sense of relief or feelings of peace if you are stuck in an office, small home or apartment, or any other confined space for lengthy periods of time. In fact, a study conducted during the pandemic by the National Library of Medicine concluded that those who possessed indoor plants had fewer symptoms due to depression and anxiety than those without them.

As a sixth-generation, family-owned business, Heroman Services Plant Company is devoted to providing stunning plant installations, from regular potted plants to extravagant garden displays to living green walls — all of which can be placed in both the interior and on the exterior of a building or home. For more information on their indoor landscaping services or to receive a free quote, give Heroman Services Plant Company a call at 800-264-9999 or visit them online at


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