Pensacola Divorce Lawyer Explains the Recent Fall and Projected Rise in Florida’s Divorce Rate

Pensacola, Fla. – As a Pensacola divorce lawyer, Craig A. Vigodsky is passionate about helping Floridian families through some of their most difficult times by providing them with smooth and successful legal processes. For Vigodsky, this includes keeping a close eye on the changes and trends in family law. This month, he is sharing the current trend in Florida’s divorce rate, as well as predicted changes.

Many people, including divorce lawyers, expected divorce rates to increase during the pandemic. However, looking back a year later, this is only partly true, depending on how one looks at it. Divorce rates in Florida did not increase in 2020. In fact, they decreased. This is likely due to the air of uncertainty constantly floating around during 2020. The increased stress and time spend cooped up at home may have led some couples to desire a divorce, but they did not take action right away because of the uncertainty of everything else around them.

If this prediction is true, it would make sense to expect the divorce rate to rise throughout 2021, now that life is gradually going back to normal and the air of uncertainty is not as prominent. In that case, the prediction of increased divorces due to the pandemic would turn out to be true, but not carried out in the way people expected.

Of course, it is also possible that many marriages were improved during 2020, due to the increased time that spouses spent doing things together and talking with one another. This would explain the decrease in divorces. However, most people tend to lean towards the prediction that couples were simply holding off on getting divorced during the pandemic.

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