Pembroke Pines Landscaping Company EPS Landscaping Gets Featured In Article Offering Tips On Landscape Design

EPS (Empire Property Services) Landscaping & Tree Service LLC, a company offering landscaping, tree care, lawn care, and irrigation services in South Florida, has been featured in a blog post published by Mommy’s Memorandum.

Mommy’s Memorandum is a blog that shares articles on topics such as home, health & wellness, instant pot recipes, travel, parenting, cooking, pets, home remodeling, lifestyle, and pregnancy. The blog post that mentions EPS landscaping offers tips for changing and improving a home garden’s landscape design with ease and on a reasonable budget.

A landscape design project in Pembroke Pines, Florida

The backyard is one of the most ignored parts of the house as people usually decide to spend their resources and energy on sprucing up the inside. However, a little care and attention can turn the backyard into an oasis that can become one of the home’s focal points. Events such as barbecues, get-togethers, and soirees can be elevated to memorable experiences for the whole family by implementing some simple but effective upgrades.

A water feature is one of the prime methods of making open spaces cozy and attractive. Fountains, waterfalls, and ponds will give the people in the house and those that visit, something to latch on to when they are hanging out in the backyard. Bird fountains are another option that will not only look great but also bring with it cute animals to watch and play with.

Fencing is another way of adding definition to the backyard. A fence made from dark wood or stone will accentuate the limits of the house and improve its aesthetics. It is also great for privacy and security.

Vegetable and flower gardens allow the homeowner to not only utilize the extra space in the backyard but also give them another hobby to spend the time on. In the course of growing and maintaining a garden, the homeowner will also significantly improve the quality of the soil in the backyard, keeping it healthy and full of life.

Patio stones that lead to the house can be chosen from a wide array of materials such as brick, concrete, flagstone, marble, rubber, concrete, granite, and loose gravel. The material has to be chosen such that it matches the look of the rest of the backyard and the house. The stones will end up being both functional and will also tie the backyard together.

Installing lighting in the garden through the use of hanging lights, solar-powered pathway lights, fairy lights can make for a lovely, dreamy nighttime atmosphere for friends and family to come together and spend some quality time under the stars.

Finally, the blog post recommends irrigating the garden adequately in a proper manner to keep the grass healthy and have the yard looking lush and green all year round. It will most likely require an expert to hook up the irrigation system so that it works efficiently. An expert will install it such that the system makes the optimum use of water and power to keep most of the area watered.

The company recently announced in a press release at that they are actively seeking landscape design and installation projects in the Pembroke Pines area of Florida. The company’s technicians are trained and well equipped to provide services such as tropical landscaping, softscaping, pool landscaping, landscape installation, hardscaping, installing retainer walls, sod installation, and landscape maintenance.

A spokesperson for the company talks about its services by saying, “We offer customized solutions to bring out the beauty inherent in every space. Our technicians show up according to the schedule and finish the entire project on time. We back up our high-quality services with excellent customer support. We listen to the homeowner’s requirements and draft a plan to best meet the requirements. Once you get your home landscaped with us, we guarantee that you will want to recommend us to everyone you know. If you are in South Florida and need your property landscaped, there is no better option than us.”

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