Peace and Smiles Together: Personal Transformation Generates a Desire to Lead Others to Happiness

In uncertain times, hope and peace are necessary. Ken Rochon Jr., Ph.D., aka Dr. Smiley, co-founder of The Keep Smiling Movement, alongside Sid McNairy, warrior monk, spiritualist, yoga instructor, and architect of 'Art of Peaceful Living' hosted a Keep Smiling mastermind. The mastermind group met at Jax Surf and Paddle, Jacksonville, FL. The group rallied behind the launch of McNairy's new book, The Secret Weapon, and a new magazine, QK, at Jax Surf and Paddle, Jacksonville, Florida.

Twelve years ago, the transformation of two Baltimore, Maryland friends started when Dr. Smiley published his first book. Their relationship evolved as each man experienced a personal journey of transformation. These transformations led to Dr. Smiley's publishing of McNairy's book.

On Jan. 19th, 2022, the mastermind and book launch highlighted how peace and smiles impact the world. Dr. Smiley shared how to measure the impact of a smile by measuring S.P.H., smiles per hour. The more smiles shared, the more positive energy is exuded outward.

McNairy's shared the inspiration involved in how he wrote his latest book. Due to an emotional transformation in 2016, he activated his reason for being. He is now a conduit of God's love. McNairy emotes, "In God's love, anything is possible."

Sid McNairy is the internationally bestselling author of "Yoga and Life Empowerment," "The Warrior Within," and "Those Who Know God." As a keeper of the light, he resigned from his college football coach position to bring peace, love, and light to the world.

Additionally, McNairy, an international speaker on meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and prana (life-force) practitioner, empowers people with life-changing tools to live their best lives.

The Keep Smiling mastermind and McNairy's book launch brought people together to celebrate peace and smiles. This meeting brought the two friends' transformations full circle. For Dr. Smiley, the journey of his mother's life and death from early-onset Alzheimer's was a progressive lesson. He learned that with hurt, one could find hope. Hope inspires people to see what is possible. Hope leads people to be resilient when faced with a challenge.

After her death, Dr. Smiley met Barry Shore, a former quadriplegic, is co-founder of The Keep Smiling Movement. Seeing the 'Keep Smiling' cards that Shore passed out, Rochon, now known as Dr. Smiley, inspired Ken to capture smiles.

After hearing the co-founders' visions, Executive Director, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller created the 501(c)3 dental and mental health organization. This organization saves lives by inspiring smiles by giving people a 'D.O.S.E. of H.O.P.E.' D.O.S.E. stands for dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, neurotransmitters released with a smile. HOPE represents 'hold on, pain ends.' Hope instills a sense of security, encouraging resilience during challenges.

Real Estate Mogul and YouTube Influencer Kris Krohn stated, "When Ken and Andrea shared The Keep Smiling Movement with me, especially the smiles per hour, I realized how it is so meaningful. It's an opportunity to impact someone's biology and chemistry on how they feel and how they share that experience with other people. It's been a privilege and an honor to be a part of Ken and Andrea's world and what they're doing on their mission to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives." For a free sample of their Keep Smiling book series and donate to the organization, visit:

To close out the two-day reunion of friends, Dr. Smiley, a celebrity event photographer, snapped cover photos featuring McNairy and his wife, Liz, to further launch the book. Additionally, Dr. Smiley shot magazine covers featuring the McNairys highlighting local landmarks in Jacksonville, Florida, as the cover images on Legacy magazine and Queen and King magazine, also referred to as QK magazine.

These magazines are being released with Mariah Jerido, C.E.O., Editor-in-Chief of MJ Books and Magazines. She is also the CEO of MJ OWN Network featured on the Roku TV Channel. She is now in partnership with McNairy as the creator and Editor-in-Chief of QJ Magazine. Henceforth, McNairy is the co-creator and the CEO of QK magazine. The new magazine will be released in May 2022.

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