Payment Processing Company Now Serving New Jersey Area

Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), based in Cleveland, Ohio, is pleased to offer their payment and credit card processing services to New Jersey communities. The company offers businesses exceptional payment processing and merchant services, and their ultimate goal is to increase every businesses' cash flow and help streamline operations. Learn more here:

EMS offers mobile acceptance through EMSMobile, stored credit cards and recurring billing with EMS' Virtual Terminal and intuitive POS Terminals that accept all major credit cards (like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express). EMS also offers Total Touch, which is specifically designed for restaurants. This option provides open table management, an easy-to-use interface and online and mobile ordering options. EMS is always happy to work with business owners who want to start accepting credit cards or completely update their merchant services. The options the company offers includes point-of-sale terminals, virtual terminals, gift and loyalty cards, mobile payments, eCommerce solutions and whatever other payment solution a business may conceivably need in order to grow.

On this note, the company asserts that EMSMobile is ideal for businesses which may need to process payments on the move. It provides a simple and powerful mobile payment acceptance alternative which allows a business to get paid onsite. This service is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and provides a card reader which can be connected to the business owner’s device via Bluetooth. With the EMSMobile solution, they can dip, tap or swipe credit cards, create itemized or simple transactions and even accept tips and manage cash payments. The option also makes it easy to track and control inventory and is suitable for simultaneous usage by multiple people.

For businesses that require an e-commerce solution, the EMS’ Virtual Terminal is the ideal option. This service allows customers to place their orders or pay securely on the web. EMS’ Virtual Terminal comes with an interface that is integrated into a payment gateway, and the user is able to utilize this gateway as if it were a credit card terminal on any computing device, including mobile devices. The Virtual Terminal is browser-based, making it accessible through most devices with an internet connection. Another option available is Total Touch, which is a comprehensive restaurant point-of-sale system that provides several benefits, including open table management, an easy-to-use interface and online or mobile ordering options.

Electronic Merchant Systems is considered by many to be the best New Jersey payment processing company. Through their services, business owners are able to accept all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, using EMS' MaxxPay, and they can even add customized gift cards, track employee hours and set up low-quantity alerts. The company has been helping business owners maximize their cash flow and streamline their operations for over three decades. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices and agents coast to coast that serve thousands of retail, internet and start-up businesses across the United States of America. No matter where a client may be, there will always be an EMS agent who will be able to provide assistance.

Given that a major aspect of their services is their focus on security, many are pleased to learn that EMS has been a certified level 1 PCI provider for over a decade. The company has also been designated as one of Retail CIO's Top 10 Most Promising Payment and Card Companies in 2019, a Top 20 Most Promising POS Solution Provider in 2020 and a Top 10 provider in CIOReview's Mobile Payment 2021.

The company’s high standard is evident in their positive customer feedback. Over the years, EMS has amassed nearly 1,000 Google reviews with an overall rating of 4.7/ 5. A 5-Star rated review by Dolce Cupcakery states that the company offered, “Fantastic customer service. Immediate response directly from my reps 100% of the time!” The company’s dedication to their clientele is clearly highlighted in this review and in many others.

Those interested in the best New Jersey payment processing and merchant service solutions available can learn more about Electronic Merchant Systems on their website. They may also contact EMS’ representatives directly via phone, email and social media.

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