Pathways Recovery Putting Emphasis on Good Nutrition

Why Reintroducing Good Foods During the Detox Process Is Crucial

SACRAMENTO, California — The addiction treatment professionals at Pathways Recovery believe there is power in good nutrition and physical health. Their facility offers good foods and a healthy diet to clients as they embark on the road to recovery. Their research shows the correlation between a healthy diet, the transition from a substance use disorder to sober living, and the benefits it has on one’s mental health.

People with substance use disorder often:

- Consume less food (weight loss) or eat in excess (weight gain)

- Binge eat late at night

- Burn through the body’s energy supply more quickly

- Lose important nutrients in excess through symptoms like vomiting

- Have less energy and are often fatigued

- Experience some damage to the stomach and/or digestive system, making it more difficult to process nutrients

- Develop hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Pathways Recovery is dedicated to making sure the detox process is as comfortable and safe as possible. That starts with incorporating good nutrition and a focus on one’s physical health.

“Pathways Recovery is a life-changing experience,” said Jesse, a previous client. ”All the counselors are caring and very good at their jobs. They provide you with many different tools for your recovery and focus on your physical health as well.”

Pathways Recovery has made good nutrition a hallmark of their programs. The nutrition professionals at Pathways say the benefits of this healthier lifestyle choice include:

- Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some cancers

- Lower cholesterol levels

- A boost to your immune system so you can fight off illness more effectively

- Increased energy

- Better mental well-being, including a reduction of depression and anxiety symptoms

- Speedier recovery from sickness or injury

“I can’t say enough about their ability to make a difficult process comfortable,” Chad, a past client, said. “Also, the food is great and lots of choices. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about recovery from drugs and/or alcohol.”

As toxins are leaving the body during the detox process, the body needs something positive like good, healthy foods going in. In the end, Pathways Recovery remains hopeful each client will reach the point where they’ve built up an in-depth knowledge of healthy foods.

About Pathways Recovery

Pathways Recovery is an addiction treatment center for men located in Sacramento, California. Since 2010, the facility has offered three levels of addiction treatment: detox, inpatient rehab, and outpatient rehab. During a delicate and emotional time, Pathways Recovery is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for clients.


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