Pathways Recovery Offers Treatment For Addiction During COVID-19 Pandemic

Pathways Recovery, a Roseville, CA addiction treatment center just outside of Sacramento, will continue to provide addiction treatment during the COVID-19 crisis. There has been a noticeable increase in addiction needs since the pandemic first hit, and Pathways Recovery has taken it upon themselves to step up and provide all assistance needed where possible, even while other providers may have closed their doors. Many people are stuck at home, and this may lead to a number of them taking up new substances, returning to old ones, or simply increasing their frequency of use due to boredom and isolation. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information in a study released on September 1st, 2020, some states are seeing as much as a 50% increase in overdose deaths since the start of the pandemic. For this reason, Pathways Recovery is dedicated to helping such individuals take their lives back from their addiction.

The center offers a number of treatment programs aimed at helping people in different circumstances handle their addictions. One of their treatment programs is medical detox. This process uses medication to help those struggling with addiction safely and comfortably remove the drugs from their system. During the detox process, patients have their vitals and general well-being monitored by Pathways Recovery's licensed medical team, and they can be prescribed medication to help manage their withdrawal symptoms if necessary. The treatment center offers specific detox programs for specific drugs and, depending on what substance a patient has used, the length of time the detox takes may vary.

After detoxification, the next step is an outpatient or inpatient program. “Before departing from our facility, our team will work with every patient to ensure they have a solid aftercare plan for continuing treatment,” says Danita Sands, CEO of Pathways Recovery. “We offer an Intensive Outpatient Program or an Outpatient Program. We are willing to help guide you through your options and look forward to building the necessary skills to maintain a stable future.”

At the addiction treatment and detox center, each person is treated as a unique individual with a unique history. The treatment center’s programs are designed to cater to each patient’s unique needs. Pathways Recovery believes that an individual struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction does best in a structured environment with empathetic, compassionate and knowledgeable professionals who know how to truly connect with and guide them through the recovery process.

“Inside our drug and alcohol rehab treatment center, transformation, connection and healing becomes the focus of our team,” Danita continues. “A sense of safety, comfort and compassion — combined with a smaller, more intimate group of only six men at a time — creates a setting where each man can feel safe to open up and begin the healing process. Comfortable full-size beds with quality bedding provide restful nights. Our inviting and comfortable home is meticulously cleaned and organized. The back patio is serene and private, allowing each man a safe setting to begin emotional processing and healing that is oftentimes so desperately needed. We offer private bedrooms at a small additional cost if desired. Men in our addiction treatment center learn to support each other and form lasting bonds that continue long after their stay in our addiction treatment center.”

The addiction experts at Pathways Recovery are always available to offer support and help people beat their addictions. Their goal is to help each and every one of their patients start a new life free from addiction. In a safe, private environment, the patients at Pathways Recovery are allowed to fight off their addictions and begin the process of taking back control of their lives. Upon successfully completing the treatment process, patients become members of the Pathways Recovery family and can be sure that other members of the family will help them remain free of drugs and alcohol.

“Seven days ago, I felt very ill from alcohol withdrawal and, more importantly, disappointed in my destructive behavior,” says Trudy, a member of the Pathways family. “However, the moment I entered Pathways Recovery, I took a deep breath due to the loving greeting of the staff. Their kindness and constant medical care let me heal medically and was the beginning of my journey in working through this horrible disease of alcohol addiction. I will miss the staff. The place is like a very clean house and the food is great. I will always be grateful for being there.”

For more on addiction treatment in Sacramento, visit the treatment center’s website. Pathways Recovery’s representatives can be reached for further details as well.


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