Pathfinders Recovery Center Shares A Guide To Recognizing Signs Of Intoxication

Scottsdale, Arizona -

The acclaimed rehab program at Pathfinders Recovery Center in Scottsdale, Arizona is reaching out to the wider community to share their newly updated resources, including how to tell if someone is drunk. Those interested in these resources can also learn, once they come to recognize the signs of intoxication, how to help an affected party get into an effective treatment program, which is the first step of their recovery journey.

Pathfinders Recovery Center points out that while there is nothing wrong with having a few alcoholic beverages from time to time in most cases, there is a limit beyond which alcohol can become a problem. What can act as a social lubricant in moderation becomes a debilitating addiction, should some consume it in excess. Excess alcohol consumption not only changes a person’s behavior, but also makes it difficult for that person to tend to their responsibilities. In turn, this means that helping those dealing with an alcohol addiction is critical, and it all starts with being able to notice the signs of intoxication and alcohol addiction.

If you or a loved one display the signs of intoxication, Pathfinders Recovery Centers can help!

While drunkenness can be very obvious in certain situations, people who have an addiction or a history of alcohol abuse can hide this fact a lot better. The easiest way to recognize intoxication is by checking an individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). This refers to the level of alcohol present in an individual’s blood, as represented through a percentage, and a person is considered to be legally impaired when their BAC measures at .08%-0.10%. While this is the most easiest and definitive way to see if someone is drunk, this requires the use of specific equipment, such as a breathalyzer or blood test.

Thus, knowing how to recognize other signs of intoxication will be beneficial for those who do not have access to these tools. Common signs of intoxication can be a flushed face, slurred speech, increased social interaction and lack of inhibitions, lack of emotional regulation, physical imbalance and dehydration. All of these signs together are clear indicators of someone being inebriated, and this can often result in numerous behaviors and situational circumstances that can have negative repercussions, both for the intoxicated individual and the people around them. This includes but is not limited to drunk driving, unsafe sexual practices, picking fights, criminal activity and more.

Drinking too much alcohol and developing a dependency can quickly become dangerous, and in severe cases, it can be lethal as well. While knowing the signs of intoxication is certainly useful, knowing the signs of alcohol poisoning and overdose is absolutely essential. Indicators of these potentially life-threatening conditions may include confusion or distortion, vomiting, seizures, slowed or irregular breathing, blue-tinted or pale skin, low body temperature and loss of consciousness. Those who have developed an alcohol abuse problem can be characterized by problematic drinking habits (including binge drinking, habitual drinking and an inability to control drinking), inability to manage responsibilities, consistent reckless behavior, financial complications and certain health conditions.

Pathfinders Recovery Center has published a detailed article, titled ‘How does alcohol affect the liver,’ where their staff delve into the nature of alcohol and its toxic effect on this vital organ. When someone consumes alcohol, 90-98% is broken down directly by the liver, and since this creates a lot of extra work for the liver and disrupts its other functions, alcohol can have a very serious impact on it. More information about this can be found on Pathfinders Recovery Center’s website.

A representative for Pathfinders Recovery Center says “When it comes to treating alcohol addiction, it is generally recommended that people seek out inpatient/residential recovery centers that offer medical detox programs. More specifically seeking out treatment programs that can address simultaneous substance use and mental disorders can be helpful in addressing the underlying causes of a person’s addiction. Given how dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be, having an experienced and knowledgeable team to help can go a long way in ensuring both safety and success. Those who are interested in learning more should get in touch with us, and we can help you get started.”

Pathfinders Recovery Center’s clinicians would like to make it known that they have helped hundreds of clients deal with alcohol addiction to achieve sobriety — and ensure that they reach their goal of lasting recovery. Pathfinders Recovery Center also maintains a series of rehab FAQs for those who want clarity on any questions they may have relating to alcohol rehab. Any and all interested parties are warmly invited to inquire with their Admissions team about bed availability and any related concerns. Pathfinders Recovery Center also maintains a presence on social media.


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