Pathfinders Recovery Center Provides Premier Addiction Treatment in Scottsdale

Pathfinders Recovery Center, which is based in Scottsdale, AZ, wants to emphasize the Pathfinders Recovery difference when it comes to providing effective addiction treatment in Scottsdale, the state of Arizona, and even the whole country. The company serves as a premier addiction and co-occurring disorder treatment center. They choose to utilize the most up-to-date addiction treatment modalities because they believe that addiction changes, adapts, and manifests in a variety of ways over time. Their facilities offer a fun, safe, confidential, loving, and peaceful atmosphere that promotes healing and connections.

A spokesperson for Pathfinders Recovery Center says, “Our goal is to help individuals suffering from addiction and other co-occurring disorders find a meaningful, purpose-driven life. We pride ourselves on providing a confidential, fun, safe, peaceful, and loving atmosphere that allows healing and connection to take place. While addiction is focused on isolation, we can help you find the appropriate level of assistance that you require to help you get your life back on track.”

A happy young man in recovery from addiction, smiles with the care he

The first phase that an individual has to go through in the path towards recovery is the detox or stabilization phase. Upon admission, an individual will undergo a preliminary screening provided by their medical team to minimize the pain and suffering due to drug detoxification. The medical detox they provide is safe, monitored, and private, and is aimed at decreasing the physical symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawals.

After the detox phase, they offer a Vision Phase, a Quest Phase, and a Pathfinder phase. The Vision Phase will last for 30 days and is the treatment track for those who are experiencing ambivalence with regards to the reality and/or severity of their addiction. People in this category may think they are capable of stopping on their own and that they will do so when they are ready. Pathfinders Recovery Center can help them in better identifying and deciding if they are suffering primarily from addiction, some other kind of dependency, or other mental health-related problems. They will also help the individual gain a better understanding through education and experience the differences in the severity of the addiction.

The Quest Phase, which lasts for 90 days, is the most recommended track for those undergoing drug or alcohol rehab. Here, a team of experienced medical and clinical professionals will create a personalized treatment plan and they will help each individual to gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes of the addiction. They will provide a combination of medication-assisted treatment, therapeutic treatment, and the development of a sober social network that is specific to the needs of each person.

The Pathfinder Phase is for those who have overcome their addiction. It enables the newly recovered person to discover a way to live on a daily basis and become more involved in the world, while still returning to the support that is provided by a structured clinical environment. Many of the people in this particular phase go to work on a daily basis, attend meetings, participate in providing support to others, and continue to be involved in meetings that are provided by Pathfinders Recovery Center. Such meetings are designed to provide continuing education for various topics, such as relapse prevention, securing employment, service, financial management, budgeting, becoming self-supporting, life skills, stage two recovery, GED assistance, and college / collegiate recovery offering safe and structured sober living environments on or off-campus at various universities, such as study halls, peer leadership, support groups, and life coaching.

Founded in 2017, Pathfinders Recovery Center offers the advantage of the combined experience of its partners and leadership of more than 25 years in the field of addiction treatment, co-occurring disorders, and the transition back into society. They offer cutting-edge, effective, and well-researched drug and alcohol addiction treatment with upscale locations in Colorado and Arizona. They offer a program that teaches honesty, hard work, integrity, responsibility, and leadership. The ultimate goal is for their clients to accomplish a sober life that is full of meaning. They will provide people suffering from addiction with all the tools they need to establish a solid foundation and have a clean, sober and successful life.

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