Pathfinders Recovery Center Provides Guide On Insurance For Rehab

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Aurora, CO based Pathfinders Recovery Center has published a new guide to using insurance for rehab. The guide offers comprehensive ways to get treatment without breaking the bank. The Center even accepts Medicaid from regions 1, 6 and 7 of Colorado (as well as most major private insurance providers). The Center has also published two more resources which provide information on cocaine overdose and signs associated with stimulant abuse. These resources are useful for those seeking treatment for themselves or for loved ones.

Rehab can be complicated to handle, and having insurance that covers it can go a long way towards reducing the stress involved for all parties involved. Thanks to recently passed legislation, insurance providers can now cover rehab, though the level of coverage varies depending on the insurance package of the person and whether the rehab center is in-network. In some cases, insurance providers will cover the total value of the rehab, and in others the insurance plan will only take up some of the cost of treatment. The rest relies on the individual to cover it.

Health insurance will usually cover substance abuse treatment and other forms of mental illness treatment. Rehab centers will also be aware of which particular insurance provider will cover treatment at their facility. Discussing this with a facility directly is advisable. The cost of professional treatment for drug and alcohol abuse can be prohibitive, with most detox programs ranging from $1,000 to $1,500 each day. Inpatient rehab stays can last between 30 and 90 days and range in cost from $12,000 to $60,000 or even more, depending on the facilities and types of treatment needed. Pathfinders Recovery also points out that private rehab centers are covered by health insurance.

Pathfinder’s Recovery Center is happy to discuss the details of a person’s coverage and if it will deal with all the costs of their treatment at their facilities. Though it is possible to go through rehab without insurance, it is very likely that an individual may need assistance to meet the demands of private rehab. Most centers offer payment options; Pathfinders Recovery Center, for example, works with each patient to work out a way for them to cover the costs of treatment if they do not have private insurance. Pathfinders Recovery Center recommends inquiring about support and payment methods in order to receive information on whether an individual meets the requirements. The resource published on the website provides more detailed information regarding insurance options and plans.

Another resource posted by Pathfinders Recovery concerns the risk of overdosing on cocaine. In short, the answer is yes, an overdose can occur due to cocaine use. It is worth noting that crack has garnered a reputation for being even more potent and addictive than pure cocaine. Overdoses tend to occur from crack use more often than from cocaine use. Typically, when a person consumes cocaine, it results in a euphoric feeling that makes them feel invincible for some time. Crack overdoses occur because this euphoric feeling lasts for a short period. It also requires more crack each time to get the same feeling, leading the user to take larger and larger doses of the drug. See more here: Can You Overdose On Cocaine.

Insurance for rehab is accepted, including certain Medicaid policies, at Pathfinders Recovery Center in Denver Colorado

Cocaine overdose can lead to death in the most extreme cases. Cocaine toxicity progresses in three stages, which are explained in detail in the resource posted regarding cocaine overdose. Pathfinders Recovery also emphasizes that it is vital to remember that time is of the essence in treating a cocaine overdose. In the event an individual is believed to be overdosing from this substance, the immediate response should be to call 911. Emergency response should be swift, allowing them to save the victim’s life.

The last new resource covers signs that may indicate stimulant abuse. Stimulants describe a category of drugs and substances that affect the body and mind in unique ways. It is essential to know that stimulants are addictive, habit-forming substances. The mind and body become dependent on them over time and start to need them to function. Stimulants trigger an increase of dopamine in the brain. Motivation, focus, mood and decision-making are aspects of the human experience that are dictated and influenced heavily by dopamine levels.

An individual can experience many side effects due to the misuse and abuse of stimulant substances. The short-term side effects of usage and withdrawal can coincide with significantly more uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. With illegal, banned or misused prescription substances, the side effects will be much more pronounced. Pathfinders Recovery provides a full list of signs and symptoms in their newly published resource. See more here: Signs Of Stimulant Abuse.

To learn more about the treatment options available at Pathfinders Recovery Center, interested parties may visit the center’s website. The Admissions team for Pathfinders Recovery Centers can also be contacted via phone.


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