Pathfinders Recovery Center Offers Tips To Prevent Drug Abuse

Scottsdale, Arizona based Pathfinders Recovery Center would like to raise awareness regarding the prevention of drug abuse and identifying the signs of intoxication. They are keen to show their community how they can safely offer help to loved ones who may be struggling with substance abuse.

“Statistics released by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2017 show that approximately 19.7 million Americans aged 12 years and older suffered from a drug addiction disorder,” says the article. “To help in whatever small way in combating this finding, we present ‘5 Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse.’ Other statistics show that of all 21 million people who suffer from substance abuse, only 10% of them receive treatment. What’s more shocking is that drug abuse has resulted in over 700,000 deaths from 1999 to 2017. Having a family member or a close friend suffering from substance abuse leaves you with only one thought, how to eradicate the drug problem.”

Through an article titled ‘5 Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse’, Pathfinders Recovery Center hopes to reach the friends and families of substance abusers and help them make choices that could save lives. The center places a great emphasis on communicating with an addict effectively, and in order to do this, they must be educated about substance abuse and its effects.

The article lists several risk factors that could point to the possibility of an individual becoming addicted to a particular substance. While many may use drugs and alcohol without becoming addicted, there are some people who are more likely to develop a harmful dependency. Genetics and family history play a major role in deciding whether or not an individual is likely to become addicted to a particular substance. Having family members who have dealt with substance abuse greatly increases the risk of them picking up a substance abuse habit. Parents are encouraged to provide positive environments for their children in order to ensure that they do not grow up surrounded by adults who abuse drugs — and thus grow up to be drug free adults. While this is crucial, however, it is also only one of the top ways to prevent drug abuse that the article shares.

Two more risk factors mentioned are mental and physical health and social exposure, which are connected in many ways. Depression and anxiety are known to lead to drug abuse, as drugs are often seen as a way to cope with said conditions. Teenagers and other young people are particularly at risk, especially since their social circle and peers can have a profound effect on their lives and choices. Many find themselves starting out by using drugs in social settings only to eventually develop a crippling dependency.

The article also discusses how the use of drugs at an early age could lead to dependency later on. It says, “If someone goes through a traumatic childhood, he can easily turn to drugs to try and alleviate the trauma effects. Some common traumatic experiences that can result in substance abuse include sexual harassment, neglect, harassment and accidents, among others. If your child experiences any of these hurtful experiences, get them psychological help. Possessing these factors doesn’t necessarily mean that one is going to become an addict; it means that the risk of being addicted is higher. If you realize that someone is addicted to drugs, you need to take them to a professional to get the necessary help and support.”

The article goes into further detail about a number of issues surrounding drug abuse and how to identify an individual who is at risk of falling into the cycle of substance abuse. The includes a list of signs of intoxication, why people use drugs, how to actually prevent them from using drugs, and much more. It is one of the many ways in which Pathfinders Recovery Center aims to help rid families and communities of substance abuse through education and preventative measures.

Pathfinders Recovery Center treats a variety of substance abuse related ailments, including alcoholism, heroin addiction, methamphetamine abuse, and prescription pill abuse. For more information on the Scottsdale, Arizona substance abuse recovery center, visit their website.


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