Pathfinders Recovery Center Advises on How to Determine If There Is a Need for Addiction Treatment for a Loved One

Pathfinders Recovery Centers, based in Scottsdale, AZ with facilities in Aurora, Colorado has recently published a blog post that advises people on how to determine that it is time for staging an intervention for a loved one. There are a number of signs that people can use as an indicator that it is time to stage a drug intervention for their loved ones. This is actually one of the best gifts to give to a loved one with an addiction problem because it gives them a chance to receive treatment. It is important to note that Pathfinders Recovery Center has intervention specialists who can help in this effort.

There are a number of indicators that a loved one needs addiction treatment. These include constant lateness; lying or withholding information; deterioration of relationships; decline in physical wellness; increased tolerance; brain fog; volatile emotional reactions; financial instability; legal trouble; loss of employment; worsening mental illness; abandoned hobbies; and isolation.

An outstretched hand offers a whiskey, which is refused. To show the concept of addiction treatment at Pathfinders and finding help for a loved one for alcohol or drugs

A spokesperson for Pathfinders Recovery Center says, “We recommend that you use the information provided in the blog post to figure out if now is the time to stage an intervention for your loved one. If they’re displaying any of those behaviors, it’s time to get serious about helping them. By staging an intervention, you’ll provide them with the best gift possible: a chance to receive treatment. Although organizing an intervention may seem like a big task, take it one step at a time, and remember how amazing the outcome can be. Do you need help? You’re not alone. Contact us anytime and we’d be glad to offer support in any way we can.”

Meanwhile, for parents who are going to a drug rehab center, one of the difficult things they will need to handle is talking with kids about rehab. One way to explain the situation to children is for the parent to point out that they have an illness and they need to go to the doctor for treatment and to get the medicines that can help them get better. However, they need to remind the children that the illness is not contagious.

And for children who are already old enough to understand what an addiction is, they can simply explain that they have an addiction problem and they are leaving temporarily to get help with their grownup problem. However, it is advisable to avoid mentioning any fears that they may have. It is also not a good idea to tell the kids about the dangerous side effects of drugs or alcohol until they are emotionally mature enough for such a conversation.

Finding the right time to talk to the children about the need to go to a rehab center is also essential. This should take into account: the time of day when the children are most alert; when the parent will have two to three hours available; and the atmosphere that would be safest for talking with the kids. It is a good idea for parents to avoid talking about the issue when they’re tired from a family outing or work. This is because it is vital to have a lot of energy and to be mentally alert during the discussion. When the children ask for details, it is a good idea to provide them with information about the rehab center, such as visiting rules, activities, location, and more.

Founded in 2017, Pathfinders Recovery Center makes full use of the more than 25 years combined experience of its partners and leadership to provide treatment for addiction, co-occurring disorders, helping patients to gradually return to society, and offer alcohol and drug rehabilitation services. They operate upscale facilities for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Arizona and Colorado. They have crafted a program that teaches integrity, honesty, hard work, responsibility, and leadership to their clients. The ultimate goal of the program is for clients to ultimately achieve a long-term, sober life that holds personal meaning. They offer people suffering from an addiction different kinds of tools that they need to have a solid foundation for having a clean, sober, and successful life.

Those who have made the decision of never drinking again can check out the Pathfinders Recovery Center website to find out about a program that can help them, or contact them through the telephone number listed.


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