Pasadena Tree Services Launches Tree Planting Initiative to Restore Natural Disaster-Damaged Forests

Pasadena, California – After analysis by the Pasadena Tree Services research team showed that numerous trees are lost to natural disasters yearly, Pasadena Tree Services found it wise to start a tree planting program to replace them.

"While trying to figure out what has been the greatest cause of the environment getting worse every day," said Bernett Rojas, the company's CEO, "Pasadena Tree Services decided to do a case study of the population of trees in Pasadena and its suburbs."

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"From the research," continued Bernett Rojas, "the team discovered that the number of trees lost to natural disasters every year was more than the planted ones, resulting in a continuously worsening environment. To respond to the findings, Pasadena Tree Services found it wise to start a tree planting program to replace the trees that die because of natural disasters."

Bernett Rojas revealed that the company would plant trees in the local parks and public spaces yearly. He added that the number of trees planted will match that of the trees lost.

"The program will involve Pasadena Tree Services planting trees in the local parks and public spaces," said Bernett Rojas. "The main reason the company decided to use the parks and public spaces is because those are the most neglected areas and hence the areas that lose the highest number of trees to natural disasters."

"The company will be carrying out the procedure at least three times a year," noted Bernett Rojas.

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"Also," added Bernett Rojas, "the company's research team will be carrying out tree population analysis yearly to ensure the company doesn't plant less than the lost trees."

Bernett Rojas also noted that Pasadena Tree Services will take care of the trees in neglected spaces.

"Apart from planting trees," added Bernett Rojas, "Pasadena Tree Services will also take full responsibility for taking care and improving the trees in the parks and the public areas. That way, the company will reduce the number of trees that die yearly. In addition, this will reduce the money we will have to invest in planting new trees."

Bernett Rojas then appreciated California Charity Team for funding the company for this year's tree planting plan.

"The number of trees lost last year was very high," said Bernett Rojas sadly. "To replace them, the company needed to invest a lot of money. Unfortunately, that was almost impossible for the company because it recently acquired tree removal and transplanting machines, leaving it with very little money in the bank. Luckily, when we heard about this nonprofit tree care company called California Charity Team, we contacted them. They funded the program with more than half the money needed to accomplish this year's goal."

Bernett Rojas then urged the homeowners to also plant and take good care of the trees in their yards.

"Pasadena Tree Services is fighting hard to bring back a good environment, which is very important to all of us," said Bernett Rojas. "It, therefore, would be wise if everybody took responsibility to care for the environment surrounding them. By this, I mean, while Pasadena Tree Services is planting and improving trees in the parks, homeowners should also add more trees and improve their yards."

"To stay updated about the company's progress in replacing the lost trees," noted Bernett Rojas, "homeowners should stay tuned in the company media room. The media room will also carry information on other tree care services, including tree pruning and trimming."

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