Park and Main, LLC Checklist: Things To Repair Before Listing To Sell Your House Fast For Most Money

Park and Main LLC, a real estate brokerage company, has compiled a list of to-do tasks that will allow existing homeowners to get a better deal while selling their property. The company is urging its client and other homeowners looking to sell their house to consider doing all the tasks on the list to increase the value of their home. The company recommends that customers googling "sell my house for cash" should consider these items before attempting to sell their house.

According to Park and Main LLC, it is of topmost priority to get a pre-sale home inspection. The company then recommends fixing all the areas that the inspector finds deficient. This is very important because homeowners tend to ignore or are blind to problems they have lived with for many years. The problems may seem small to the homeowners who have lived with them but might be dealbreakers for any new home buyers who want to move into the house. Homeowners also tend to delay crucial fixes due to a variety of reasons. A third party with a keen eye may spot these problems from miles away. If not fixed, it could lead to the cancellation of a sale, or the new homeowners could ask for a price reduction. If they get properly fixed by skilled technicians, then the new home buyers' inspector would find no issues to complain about letting the homeowner receive the maximum value for their home.

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Other recommended tips include brightening the interior. The easiest and cheapest way to brighten and update the inside of a house is by painting it. Chipped, unappealing paint could create a bad first impression that leads to a reduced sale price. The company also mentions that a house's exterior is just as important as the interior because it's the first thing buyers see when they pull up to the house for the first time. To make sure the house looks great from the outside, the company recommends to check the roof, replace missing shingles, make sure the guttering looks good, and to touch up paint on the siding and fascia.

Another important point that the company mentions is the state of the home's bathroom. Usually, plumbing repairs are very costly and time-consuming. A new homeowner would not like to make those expensive repairs and would expect a fully functioning bathroom with no leaks or wet patches. The company recommends that home sellers must treat bathroom repairs with the utmost importance.

After the bathroom, the kitchen is also not far behind on the company's list of spots to watch out for. Problems such as mold in shower areas, darkened areas near the chimney, misaligned or broken cabinets, and drawers are all such problems that need to be dealt with before trying to sell it.

The company recommends fixing all the problems with the wiring of the house. Homeowners have to make sure that the plugs work, there are no exposed wiring points, which can be a serious health hazard, and there are no problems with non-operating fixtures. In general, fixing the house's lighting by replacing those that are dated and installing additional ones where more light is needed can make the house look bright and more appealing to buyers. If there are problems in the wiring, it can also lead to a higher energy bill, which the new homeowner must bear.

The spokesperson for the company, Carmen Peay, says, "Often we get a lot of enquires such as - 'should I sell my house now or should I wait?' Often, the answer is more complicated. What we do recommend, however, is that regardless of market fluctuations and demand, one should first try to make the house appear as good as it can. This is because, eventually, when the market is swinging upward, the homeowners will be ready to put their pristine home on the market to get the maximum return on their investments. The cost of carrying out the repairs is negligible compared to the difference in the selling price that the homeowner will have to bear if they sell a house requiring a lot of repairs."

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