Parents Encouraged to Enroll Their Kids in the Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg S.T.E.A.M. Summer Program

Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg, a preschool based in Leesburg, Virginia, has announced that they have started with their S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) Summer Program. There are three weeks remaining in the program, and parents are encouraged to sign their kids up to one, two, or all three weeks. Interested parents may want to contact the school to learn more about the program or schedule a virtual tour. The students have been enjoying the learning activities in the S.T.E.A.M. Summer Program as indicated by their photos on the school’s Facebook page, such as

Ms. Kimberly, the School Director at Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg, says, “We’re inviting parents to let their kids experience what it’s like to study in a Montessori classroom. Sign your kids up with our S.T.E.A.M. Summer Program. There are still three weeks remaining but hurry because it will soon be over. We offer an authentic Montessori curriculum that is Reggio inspired, which means the curriculums are also derived from the Reggio Emilia philosophy established by Loris Malaguzzi.”

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is based on the idea that children naturally want to learn and pursue their own interests but at their own pace. A learning environment that is Reggio-inspired allows for the children to experience uninterrupted exploration, learning, and play. It is an environment that is open and free-flowing, which means that the outdoor spaces are just as important as the formal classrooms. The children are, therefore, allowed to move freely between the classroom and the outdoor spaces.

The teachers, in a Reggio-inspired environment, act as guides to the children, observing them instead of directing them. In this way, the children are permitted to experiment in their own way and allowed to make mistakes and learn from them and find new solutions. The teacher will gently guide the students towards their areas of interest through careful observation.

Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg offers the Toddler class for toddlers who are 18 months to 36 months old; the Primary class for children who are 3 to 6 years old; and the Kindergarten program. Their full-day kindergarten curriculum includes units that combine math, art, language, geography, history, science, and cultural studies. Parents who would like to know the preschool’s exact location and other important information can check out their Google Maps page at

Overall, the curriculum at the preschool is guided by the Montessori Method that was introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori. She was able to establish her unique approach to early childhood education based on the principle of “following the child.” Thus, the Montessori classroom is carefully set up in such a way that it allows the kids to work independently and experience the joy of discovering things for themselves. The teachers, contrary to the conventional way of teaching, act as guides who introduce materials to the children, who are free to choose what they are interested in. This allows them to discover and later on master certain ideas.

Lessons are provided but the goal is to let the children discover the answers for themselves using self-correcting and auto-didactic materials that are commonly found in the Montessori classroom. The children are able to grow academically in this environment as they discover their ability to name the continents, solve math problems, discuss scientific concepts, write beautifully, and identify geometric shapes.

Ms. Kimberly explains, “However, the most important aspect of our educational mission does not concern academics. Rather, our primary goal is to foster and enhance each child’s natural sense of joy and wonder. We feel that children should delight in childhood, that the school day should include laughter and the buzz of creativity. We want students to love school and the process of learning.”

In this environment, the children develop a love for learning because education does not seem to be a chore but rather an enjoyable journey of exploring and discovering the various mysteries of life. As a result, the children develop independence and self-confidence.

Parents interested in learning more about Villa Montessori Preschool Leesburg may find more information on their website at, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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