Parc And Main, LLC Compiles Tips For Homeowners Trying To Sell The House Without A Realtor

Park and Main LLC, a real estate brokerage company, in Snellville, Ga, has compiled a list of tips that existing homeowners should keep in their mind while trying to sell their house without a realtor. The company is urging homeowners looking to sell their house to consider all the advantages and pitfalls that they might have to face in the absence of a realtor brokering the deal. The company recommends that customers googling “sell my house”, should consider this curated list of tips to save them time when it comes to making a better decision.

One of the benefits of cutting out a realtor from the deal is that it can conserve homeowners as much as 7 percent in commissions that is usually the realtor’s cut for making the deal. However, this comes with a pitfall that homeowners will have to invest a great deal of time in doing the work a real estate agent would generally handle, which includes positioning the house to attract the best buyers in today's market. Homeowners can fall into the trap of thinking their house deserves more than it actually is worth. Different homes in the same area are usually worth a different price for each buyer. Lack of knowledge of the real estate market can lead to an overvaluation that will keep the house from being sold within the correct time frame.

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Avoiding a real estate broker means that the homeowners have to attend to all the legal and financial paperwork, which can be intimidating. Other tasks that they might have to take over are fielding all the calls from the prospective buyers, screening away the tire kickers who just love to drive around looking at houses for fun, and nosy neighbors. According to the company’s experience, homeowners usually are not prepared for tasks that they are not anticipating or haven’t prepared for, such as answering calls in the middle of the workday. This is because the right buyer might call during any time of the day or night.

Homeowners might not appreciate the hard work it takes to advertise like a champion real estate agent. It involves writing a home description that is comprehensive and not too long. The description of the house should be clear and attractive without too much fluff. It should be just enough to pique a reader’s interest. Homeowners are also not savvy enough to realize the best places to advertise the home because they are not aware of the different marketing channels that real estate agents are cognizant about.

Another underrated skill that homeowners looking to sell without an intermediary might lack is the ability to take attractive pictures of the home. Nowadays buyers are looking for slickly produced, high-quality videos of the home that are preferably interactive too. According to the company, it is a challenge to find a video producer who is skilled but not too costly. Finally, homeowners might also have to learn the skills of alleviating the fears of a nervous buyer who clearly wants to buy the house but needs a bit of hand-holding.

Carmen Peay, a spokesperson for the company says, “We field a lot of enquires from people who are looking for information about how to sell your house without a realtor. Our response to them is that a real estate agent has to put in a lot of hard work to earn their commissions. Experienced realtors have systems in place to make all the hard work look all so easy. However, behind the scenes, they are usually one step away from going crazy. There is a lot of work involved in managing the transaction from contract to closing. There is a possibility of many variables going wrong at the same time. This can include the mortgage company wanting to back out because of a hundred different reasons to do with the buyer, attending to the buyer’s inspection report, negotiating the repairs, managing the cost of the repairs, and handling all the legal paperwork. It will easily become overwhelming for those who are new to this. A lot of times you won't know what is coming and what to do to overcome those challenges when they do arrive at your footstep.”


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