Parc & Main: Why It Is Better To Sell A House With An Agent

Stone Mountain, GA-based Parc & Main LLC would like to reach out to the general public to explain why it is better for homeowners to sell their houses with an agent instead of doing it on their own. As an expert in the field, their advice may prove valuable to many in their community.

Those who wish to sell their house quickly have three main avenues that they may follow. The first option is to sell the house to real estate investors. The second one requires quite a bit of creativity, however, as it involves selling the property with a lease or rent to own option. However, the company asserts that the most effective way of selling a property is to work with an experienced real estate agent. Parc & Main states that choosing to sell a property with an agent comes with a lot of advantages. Learn more here: Sell My House Fast.

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First and foremost, people who choose to sell their house with the assistance of an agent will not have to worry about learning the ins and outs of the real estate industry. First time home-sellers will most likely have to devote a lot of time and effort in order to learn how to conduct a real estate transaction. They will also have to study the legalities that come with it. However, if they choose to work with an agent, sellers will not have to go through all of these efforts as property agents have studied how to properly close real estate transactions, including all the associated legal requirements.

Another reason that sellers may realize that it is better to sell with a realtor’s assistance is that they will not have to handle the marketing of the house they want to sell. When people place their houses on the market, they will not be entering a lenient battlefield. They will be placed in an arena with lots of competitors, many of whom are determined to prevail. It is not enough for people to just place a For Sale sign in the front yard of their house. Agents can help people market their homes and catch the attention of potential buyers.

On this note, the company adds that working with agents will ensure sellers will not have to deal with the process of screening potential buyers. Some people may present themselves as interested buyers but these so-called ‘bogus buyers’ will just be wasting the time of the seller. Good agents know how to properly screen buyers and distinguish which are serious and which buyers are not. Learn more here: Sell My House With A Realtor.

Sellers who work with agents also receive the benefit of receiving pricing guidance. It is very important for sellers to know how to price their property properly. If the price is too high, no one will buy the house. If the price is too low, the seller will lose out on money. Proper pricing is also the most effective marketing and sales tool. Sellers who want to sell their house on their own will have to figure out strategic pricing by themselves but those who work with agents can receive advice regarding pricing.

Another benefit to working with agents is access to market-conditions knowledge. Before selling a property, sellers need to be familiar with many aspects of the real estate market. These include average cost per square foot of similar houses, median and average sales prices, average days on the market, list-to-sold price ratios and so on. It may be difficult to keep up with these details, but agents can handle these tasks for the sellers. Agents keep up with market fluctuations and understand what these fluctuations mean for pricing and marketing strategy. Agents are also skilled and experienced at negotiating. In fact, one of the main reasons for hiring an agent is gaining access to an agent’s negotiation skills. The offers that sellers receive are not necessarily final, and a good agent can usually negotiate better offers on the seller’s behalf.

Last but not least, sellers who work with agents will not have to deal with the paperwork needed to sell their property. Real estate deals are built on lots of paperwork that must be handled correctly. Otherwise, the seller may suffer costly legal consequences. Working with agents eliminates this risk and also reduces the load on the seller.

Those interested in working with trusted and experienced agents to sell their property may connect with Parc & Main LLC by calling their office number. More information about the company’s wide range of real estate services can also be viewed on their website. Learn more at the following link: How To Sell My House.


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