Panama City Debt Consolidation Attorneys Highlight Launch of Bankruptcy Analytics Platform

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Panama City, Fla.Local attorneys Lewis and Jurnovoy are committed to keeping their communities informed about the most recent bankruptcy information. With that in mind, the attorneys are here to talk about the launch of Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics, a new market analytics platform, which gives daily bankruptcy filing data to both legal and bankruptcy professionals.

The platform was developed by Epiq, which is a major provider of technology-aided services to the business and legal sectors, taking on projects for attorneys at law firms, corporate counsel, and other professionals. The bankruptcy division of Epiq created Epiq Bankruptcy Analytics, which indexes bankruptcy filings since 2007 from 93 courts across the United States.

The software is cloud-based, and it combines third-party data with proprietary bankruptcy analytics to give industry-leading insight into adversarial proceedings, disposition metrics, and case results for a wide range of states, chapters, court systems, etc.

“Visibility into this rich bankruptcy dataset enables attorneys, creditors, investors, and other professionals in the bankruptcy industry a competitive advantage and allows them to make better decisions to grow their business. Users can monitor daily bankruptcy case counts by state, court, time, or geography to determine if filing metrics are increasing or decreasing. Users can right-size their business and budgets more effectively by leveraging historical data to identify data trends for predictive analysis by analyzing case disposition and duration metrics,” according to Epiq.

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