Pam Klim Is Offering Coaching For Personalized Nutrition, Fitness DNA Testing, And Weight Loss

Quad Cities health coach Pam Klim is offering coaching and leadership to clients who want to achieve their dream physique, have a lot more energy to face life’s challenges, and live the life they have always wanted to.

Pam Klim teaches a sustainable, healthy lifestyle in the areas of nutrition, fitness, supplementation, quality sleep, and stress management. Her coaching methods lead to optimal outcomes in results, both in body composition and overall health and wellness. She offers her clients personalized nutrition advice that takes into account every client’s health goals, body types, and diet preferences to create a plan that her clients not only enjoy but are also more like to stick to and enjoy long-term benefits from.

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One of the tools in Pam’s repertoire of health-based modalities is nutrition and fitness DNA testing. DNA testing is the ultimate form of personalized health counseling as it takes into consideration the information embedded in a person’s genetic code to deeply understand the factors such as diet and exercise that are likely to affect them the most. Pam Klim helps her clients interpret the results of the DNA test to create a health plan that includes the proper amount of exercise, the most optimum diet for their body type, and the best leisure activities to kickstart a holistic reinvigoration of the body’s mental and physical faculties.

In a recent video posted to her Facebook page, Pam documents her interaction with one of her clients, Dan Francis, who tapped Pam for her expertise to create a DNA report for himself to better understand his own body’s needs. Dan has a background as a chiropractor and runs a massively successful business in the Quad Cities area, Midwest Home Buyers. Dan opted for a DNA test a few months back and in the video, he goes into great detail about what he learned from the report.

Dan says, “What I learned is really that you need Pam to talk to you about it because I read through it and there are things that I of course absorbed but when Pam goes over it with you, it’s just another ball game altogether as to what you learn, and what you can take away from the report. The value of the report is incredible and now I think about it virtually every time I eat a meal and every time I go to the gym. I’m now actively thinking about my DNA every time.” Pam responds to Dan in the video by saying, “One thing I remember thinking to myself when I got mine back for the first time, is how did I operate without this knowledge my whole life because it is essentially the body’s owner’s manual.”

Dan acknowledges that one of the surprises to come out of the report was his body’s sensitivity to caffeine which prompted him to cut back on its consumption and limit himself to one cup of coffee a day which works out to around 100 milligrams. Dan also shares that finding out the athletic type of his body expressed in several metrics such as half-fast twitch, half-slow twitch, fibers type 2, type 1 fiber, muscle fiber, and many more such parameters, was a revelation to him and influenced his decisions significantly in the gym going forward. The report gave him an idea of the number of reps he needed to perform in certain exercises to really see improvements. Dan goes on to say that the information was life-changing for him when it comes to helping him achieve his fitness goals. He offers a succinct analogy to convey the importance of the DNA test by saying that working in the gym without having a DNA report as a guide is like opening up a construction business without having any power tools.

Readers can contact health and fitness trainer Pam Kilm by heading over to her Facebook or Instagram page. She also offers training and coaching for achieving weight loss, increased training performance, and increasing and maintaining optimal health.


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