Palmtree Cash Home Buyers ‘We Buy Houses for Cash’ Philosophy is the Most Virus-Friendly Way to Sell a Home

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Palmtree Cash Home Buyers has some advice for those that are looking to sell their home in the most virus-friendly way. The company says those home sellers should consider selling their house on a cash-only basis such as what they offer. This is the best way to sell a home without coming into contact with many strangers who a home seller has no idea who they have been around or what their virus prevention habits are.

A representative of the company, Fitz Thompson, went on to talk about how only minimal socially distanced interactions need to take place when someone is selling their home for cash. This is so much different than when someone uses a real estate agent to help sell their home. This opens up a whole realm of possibilities as far as the number of people stampeding through a home to take a closer look at it. He says that every showing or open house just increases the risk of potential exposure to the virus strains that are present during the ongoing pandemic. All of that type of risk is minimized when selling a home for cash because no showings or open houses are necessary to enhance the chances of a sale. Thompson also mentioned that when homes are sold through a real estate agent, that most likely that will be a sale based on a mortgage. This will then bring even more people into the home. He stated that this includes home appraisers and inspectors who all have a role to play when a house is sold with an attached mortgage. Once the home inspection is finished, unless a home is in perfect condition, there can be any number of repair people that will need to enter into the home for sale and do their thing before the transaction can go through. This then creates a whole new set of risks when it comes to virus exposure.

We buy houses no showings

Thompson says, “Minimizing the risk of exposure to Covid-19 is one of the biggest advantages people get nowadays because we buy houses for cash. The importance of that cannot be understated in the unusual time that we are all going through with the virus continually announcing its presence. Selling houses while the threat of the virus is present is also something that we have been dealing with for almost a year now; so, we know how to enact a cash home sale in a way that poses very little risk to the sellers and us.”

The company representative also discussed some of the other advantages that cash home sales have to offer. He says that includes that they buy houses ‘as is’ and they will pay a fair market price for a house. That means the home will sell without the homeowner putting any extra money into repairs. This also means that such tedious tasks as painting and spending hours in the yard to improve a home’s looks are no longer necessary. He added that the homeowner does not even have to spend one-minute cleaning their house or throwing out trash and other unwanted items before a cash home sale goes through. If they do absolutely nothing it will not impact the buying price in any way, shape, or form. Thompson stated that they even buy houses that are in any condition. Many people also do not realize that a cash home sale usually takes only 7 – 10 days to close as opposed to a mortgage-based closing which can take a month or longer. He also mentioned that there is no splitting up of the money when a home is purchased for cash. This is unlike a sale when working with a real estate agency because there are fees that have to be paid to the agency, the lead sales agent, and quite possibly money put aside in escrow for repairs and other agreed-upon conditions of sale. The company representative says even the headaches a cash home sale saves a homeowner make it worth it for many.

Thompson added that those looking for a way to sell house fast in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding communities can contact them by phone to get more information on their services.


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