Palmtree Cash Home Buyers Offers Advice on How to Sell My House Fast

Palmtree Cash Homebuyers, a real estate firm in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is offering advice to homeowners who want to sell their house fast on how to choose a dependable home buying company. They want to point out that there are five signs that indicate a particular home buying company can be trusted.

Fitz Thompson, a spokesperson for Palmtree Cash Homebuyers, says, “There are many possible reasons why you would want to sell your house fast. You could be someone who has just finalized a divorce, who is relocating, who is avoiding foreclosure, who has a vacant house, who is behind on payments, who has inherited an unwanted property, who has been downsized, who is unable to sell your house, who has liens, who has a fire damaged house, who has bad rental tenants, who needs repairs but can’t pay for it, and more.”

Sell House Fast

He continues, “Despite the need to sell your house fast, you still need to be careful when choosing a home buying company. Selling your house is not an ordinary transaction but one where you may stand to lose a significant amount of money. That is why we are presenting to you the five signs to look for in a reliable home buying company.”

First of all, a truly honest home buying company will always take into account the home seller’s specific needs. They will always find the time to listen to the home seller and provide appropriate guidance on how to best solve that person’s problem, even if it means sending that person to a real estate agent.

Second, a reliable home buying company will not exert pressure on home sellers. Instead, they will give the home sellers all of the time they would need to decide on whether to accept the offer they have made.

Third, reliable companies who say, “we buy houses fast,” will not hesitate to offer a down payment along with their proposal. This is a good sign that the company is truly dependable and can be trusted. The money should be flowing to the seller and not the other way around.

Fourth, a well-established home buying company should have regular postings on their social media pages over a long period of time. This means they have sufficient experience with regards to the business of buying and selling homes and they are here to stay.

And lastly, a truly dependable home buying company will set a closing date, which is typically between seven to 30 days. And they should be willing to work with any company, whether it is the home financing company, the home inspecting company, or any other service provider that will help in the closing the deal in the best possible way.

Palmtree Cash Homebuyers is one of the leading cash home buying companies in the Palm Beach and Broward counties in South Florida. They are ready to buy houses in any condition, whether it is a house that requires a lot of repairs, a house with a bad tenant, a house where the owner is behind on the home financing payments, or whatever state the house is in. And because they are buying with cash, there would be no need to wait for a bank or financing institution to provide their approval for home financing, which may take weeks or even months. This is the reason why they can close within seven to 30 days.

Palmtree Cash Homebuyers will make a cash offer within 24 hours after the home seller has submitted relevant information through an online form on their website. They may also offer to rent to own the home, and when the home is finally sold, the home seller won’t have to pay any commission to a real estate agent. Usually, the homeowner will get the full price and the monthly payments will be higher compared to the home financing payments during the term of the lease.

Those who are interested in learning more about how to evaluate cash home buyers may want to check out the Palmtree Cash Homebuyers website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They may be contacted from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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