Palm Tree Trimming In Pembroke Pines Available At EPS Landscaping & Tree Service

Pembroke Pines, Florida based EPS Landscaping & Tree Service LLC is providing palm tree trimming service for the residents of Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has proven itself as one of the leading providers of arborist services in Florida.

Greg O’Connell from EPS Landscaping & Tree Service says, “If you have lived in Florida for long enough, you already know that we live in a place where palm trees prosper, but that does not mean that they do not need the same love and care as other trees do. As with other species, palm tree trimming is quite important for a number of reasons, including both aesthetic and health and safety reasons.”

Pembroke Pines palm tree trimming services

While some might believe that cutting a palm tree might make it grow faster, EPS Landscaping & Tree Service stresses that this is a complete myth. Trimming is an important type of tree care, but it is equally vital not to go about it haphazardly.

The company recommends palm trimming if there are noticeable dead or dying fronds. Removing these fronds will not only make the trees look better, it will also ensure that there is no potential for breakage damage and that it does not become a fire hazard. This can also eliminate nesting places for rats, scorpions and other such pests. Trimming is also recommended in cases when there is overgrowth that blocks paths or driveways.

Palm tree trimming is a process that should be undertaken during spring. This is because the weather is reasonably calm and because even dead fronds can protect the palm tree during summer and winter weather. Proper palm trimming involves removing any hanging, dead or unhealthy fronds . Dry, wilted or diseased fronds should be removed as well. At the same time, green and healthy fronds should be left alone. Palm trees need their green fronds to grow properly, and a palm tree cannot stay healthy and build reserves without a considerable number of green fronds. EPS Landscaping & Tree Service warns that pruning palm trees purely for visual reasons is unwise, as it can weaken the tree severely.

O'Connell says, “While you can trim palm trees yourself, we would advise against it. It is a task that requires knowledge and expertise to carry out safely. If you have a palm tree that needs trimming, reach out to us at EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, and we will be glad to help. We can evaluate your trees, recommend the best course of action and carry out the task safely for you.”

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service has many years of experience as arborists and is able to find signs of disease or dead limbs and get rid of them. They have tools for any kind of tree work, and they offer the most competitive prices in the area. The company takes a lot of pride in ensuring that their customers have a beautiful yard and are thoroughly satisfied with the services provided.

The services provided by the tree care service have earned them a lot of praise from their community, which may explain their stellar 5-Star rating on the Google platform. Vanessa U. writes in her review, “Jessica was the best to be in business with! Called her last minute to get some landscaping jobs done, and her team did amazing! Everything looked great, and I love how efficient they were. Wouldn’t work with anyone else. Look forward to working with EPS landscaping on all my landscaping needs.”

D. Soto writes in their review, “Best landscaping company I have ever come across, hands down! The owners are extremely responsive and have the best customer service — really the best I have ever experienced! If you are looking for a landscaping company, these folks are it! Thank you, Greg and Jessica, for such wonderful service week after week. It truly is a pleasure doing business with you guys.”

Those who want to learn about EPS Landscaping & Tree Service and the range of services provided by the company can visit their website for more information. Greg O’Connell encourages interested parties to get in touch with the company via the contact form on their website (or reach out to him directly through phone or email). EPS Landscaping & Tree Service maintains a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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