Palm Springs' Historic Gay Bars That Faced Uncertain Future During Pandemic Are Bouncing Back

Geoffrey Moore, a real estate agent serving individuals looking for homes in the Coachella Valley Palm Springs cities, is drawing attention to the trials and tribulations that many historic gay bars in the Palm Springs area have gone through since the start of the 2020 pandemic and how they have managed to stick it out through the tough times.

Arenas Road is one of the most famous and recognizable LGBTQ+ recreation spots in the country. The diversity of enriching experiences such as eating, dining, shopping, music, partying, and lounging that are available in the few blocks comprising the road can give some of the hippest spots in larger metropolises such as San Francisco and Los Angeles a run for their money.

Palm Springs' Historic Gay Bars That Faced Uncertain Future During Pandemic Are Bouncing Back

The strip is named after Lee Arenas, a Native-American community leader whose lawsuit changed Native American policy all over the country. Today, the strip is a hotbed for the city’s gay locals and tourists to come together, socialize, and have a great time in a safe environment that respects their lifestyles and gives them the freedom to express themselves. The first gay bar on Arenas Road, Streetbar, opened its doors in 1991 and since then the area has seen a dramatic rise in LGBTQ+ themed eateries and nightclubs. The street is also an epicenter for the city’s annual pride celebrations which marked their 35th anniversary in November 2021.

However, in the last couple of years, since the start of the pandemic, the iconic establishments along the strip have suffered tremendous losses due to reduced foot traffic and scant public participation, a problem that has also affected the majority of the retail and hospitality industry all around the country.

In a recent article, USA Today highlighted the troubles faced by the bars and restaurants located on Arenas Road and its effect on the spirit of the local gay community. A lot of local patrons complained about not being able to meet friends and acquaintances for a long time since the lockdowns were enforced in early 2020. Many bars were closed intermittently as they reacted to the local regulations that fluctuated between mask mandates, requiring vaccination proofs from guests, and complete shutdowns. Some bars adapted to the changing requirements by switching up the kind of food they served and the number of people they could accommodate to conform with local laws.

Geoffrey Moore, a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), Graduate Realtor Institute (GRI), and an Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) whose website lists homes in all imaginable house styles in Palm Springs, talks about the resilience shown by the many bars and eateries along Arenas Road by saying, “The coronavirus pandemic hit the economy like a ton of bricks and its effects are going to last for a long time, in ways that we haven’t fully grasped yet. It would have been a shame for such an unfortunate event to wipe off the rich history that the Palm Springs gay community has painstakingly built over the years to create a slice of heaven in Arenas Road where they are free from discrimination and judgment. Though there is still a long way to go for full recovery, thankfully, the businesses are slowly getting back on track and look poised to overcome this obstacle and resume their role as the backbone of the social support structure for the gay community in Palm Springs.”

Bar patrons also played a significant part in helping them get through the difficult time as they rallied behind their favorite watering holes and supported them by ensuring regular attendance, following all COVID guidelines while at the restaurants, spreading the word about them, and some community members even went so far as to start a few Go Fund Me campaigns to support the establishments through the worst of the pandemic.

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